Thin Film Bottom Paint

      • Interlux VC-17M Antifouling Bottom Paint

        Interlux VC-17M Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint New Formula as of April 2022 - Biolux is no longer included in the VC17m formula. This new formula is compatible with VC17m Extra and delivers similar performance. Interlux VC17 Bottom Paint is Only...

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      • Interlux VC Performance Epoxy Bottom Finish

        Interlux VC Performance Epoxy Boat Bottom Paint Sold as kit Makes 2 Gallons. VC Performance is a fluoro microadditive bearing two-part epoxy for use on the underwater surfaces of high performance boats. Apply to gelcoat, bare fiberglass, epoxy and...

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      • Interlux Micron Optima Bottom Paint

        Interlux Micron Optima Bottom Paint Micron Optima contains Micron Technology in a water-based formulation providing excellent multi-seasonal performance in the most challenging fouling conditions. Micron Optima uses Activated Biolux Technology to block...

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      Thin Bottom Paint

      It is exhilarating for boaters to feel their craft cut through the water with ease. Perhaps you are a casual boater who loves a solid powerboat, or maybe you are carrying on the family tradition of sailboat racing. Whatever your boating history, when you maintain your craft, turn to Wholesale Marine where you’ll always find the right boat bottom paint formulation that combines the protective power of bottom paint with the smooth finish that you want. Wholesale Marine carries dependable Interlux thin bottom paint with ease of application and an ideal outcome you’ll appreciate all season long.

      Wholesale Marine Has Boat Bottom Paint at Competitive Prices

      Bottom paint, also known as anti-fouling paint, is a must-have for all boaters, providing a protective barrier of biocide that defends your craft against several sorts of aquatic intruders, such as barnacles and weeds. Thin boat bottom paint takes this process a step further by being specially formulated to reduce friction and drag, being the perfect choice for racing sailboats and powerboats. We love the low V.O.C. and low odor characteristics of Interlux Micron Optima Bottom Paint. This paint incorporates Biolux technology with the organic boosting biocide cuprous oxide, standing up to fouling shells, slime, and weeds. This paint can be used on aluminum boats and is water-based, to provide an easy clean-up! Interlux VC-17M is another bestseller! This product goes on smoothly, thereby eliminating days of tedious sanding. It’s a great option for freshwater and low-fouling saltwater to protect your craft from Zebra mussels, slime, teredo worms, and more. It goes on thin and virtually eliminates film build-up.

      From generational racer to weekend speedster, everyone will love Interflux thin bottom paint. Wholesale Marine backs this product with a price match guarantee, giving you peace of mind as you shop. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99 and same day shipping, too. Our customer service team is sure to impress and is here to help Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST, at (877) 388-2628. Don’t forget to ask your rep about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for discounts on your next purchases from Wholesale Marine!