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  • Pettit EZ Decks Non Skid Paint

Pettit EZ Decks Non Skid Paint

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    Product Description

    Pettit EZ Decks- Quart

    Pettit EZ Decks Non-skid deck paint provides a super tough weather resistant finish that is extremely durable and simple to apply.

    Pettit’s EZ-Decks is a super tough polyurethane high performance deck finish. It contains a special grit that produces a slip-resistant finish on all decks and cabin soles. Like other Pettit “EZ” products, EZ-Decks provides the simplest way to achieve optimum results with minimum effort. The durable weather resistant finish resists long term abrasion and abuse. EZ-Decks is loaded with ultraviolet filters to fight against fading while offering superior color retention that will stay vibrant for years without peeling or cracking like other deck finishes. EZ-Decks is available in three popular colors that match up perfectly with Pettit’s Easypoxy topside enamel.


    • Provides a super tough non-skid finish
    • Extremely durable weather-resistant finish
    • Fade and UV resistant, colors hold up under tough conditions
    • EZ decks is simple to use and easy to apply

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    • Finish: High Gloss
    • Coverage: 600 sq. ft/gal.
    • Number of Coats: 2 Minimum
    Color Guide


    How To Apply

    APPLICATION DATA METHOD: Brush or roller

    NUMBER OF COATS: 2 minimum  

    DRY FILM THICKNESS PER COAT: 1.5 mils (2.6 wet mils)

    COVERAGE: 600 sq. ft/gal.

    APPLICATION TEMP: 50°F Min. / 90°F Max.

    THINNER: 120 Brushing Thinner (clean up also)

    Temp To Recoat To Launch
    90°F 8 HR 1-1/2 HR
    70°F 16 HR 3 HR
    50°F 24 HR 6 HR

    PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: Clean painted areas by washing with a solution of two cups household ammonia per gallon of water and rinse well. Remove existing mildew with household bleach instead of ammonia. Never mix bleach and ammonia. If the old paint is an oil-based enamel or polyurethane, and is in good, sound condition, sand it thoroughly smooth with 150 grit sandpaper, solvent clean to remove residue, then proceed with the first coat of EZ Decks. If the old oil-base or polyurethane paint contained a non-skid material, scrub the non-skid service with Pettit # 92 Bio-Blue Pre-Paint Cleaner using a stiff bristle brush. Thoroughly rinse the surface and allow to dry, then apply two coats of EZ Decks. If the old paint is a latex or water-based paint, or is in poor condition, remove it with a paint and varnish remover or by sanding. Proceed with instructions for the appropriate bare surface system.

    BARE WOOD: Sand surface smooth with 80-120 grit sandpaper, then solvent clean with Pettit 120 Thinner to remove residue. Fill all screw heads or small holes with an epoxy fairing compound; sand flush and solvent clean. Apply a coat of 2018 Clear Sealer to penetrate and seal the porous grain. Follow with one or two coats of 6149 Easypoxy White Undercoater until an evenly smooth base condition is reached; sand each coat with 80-120 grit sandpaper and solvent clean with Pettit 120 Thinner. Proceed with the first finish coat of EZ Decks. Bare wood that has been epoxied must be thoroughly scrubbed with an ammonia/water solution then sanded with 120 grit sandpaper and solvent cleaned with Pettit 120 Thinner. Follow with a coat of 6149 Easypoxy White Undercoater to smooth the surface and provide a uniform base. Sand well and solvent clean with Pettit 120 Thinner, then proceed with the first coat of EZ Decks.

    STEEL HULLS: Surface must be cleaned to a bright finish by sandblasting or grinding; remove blast residue. Immediately apply one coat of 6980 Rustlok Primer; allow to dry until tacky. If surface is rough, apply a coat of 6627 Tie-Coat Primer; sand well and solvent clean. Repeat application as needed until a smooth, uniform base is reached. Proceed with the first coat of EZ Decks.

    BARE ALUMINUM: Wipe the surface free of oil and grease with Pettit 120 Thinner. Remove oxidation and etch the surface with medium grit emery cloth; remove sanding residue. Apply one thin “wet” coat of 6455/044 Metal Primer; allow to dry at least two hours. Proceed with the first coat of EZ Decks. 6149 Easypoxy White Undercoater can be used over the 6455/044 Metal Primer for smoothing surfaces if desired.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION:  Stir thoroughly before use. The non-skid agent in this product will float to the surface in the container and must be stirred thoroughly. May be applied by brush or roller. For brush or roller application, apply without thinning, although in hot weather, 5 to 10% of Pettit 120 Thinner may be added to maintain a wet edge. For best results on large, smooth surfaces roll out using a short nap or foam roller followed immediately by leveling off with the tip of a brush. Do not apply on extremely humid days (90% RH or above) or when rain is threatening. Do not apply in late afternoon when working outdoors as the wet film may be adversely affected by dew. When working in cooler temperatures, be sure the air and surface temperatures will remain at or above 50° for at least eight hours after application.

    Surface Preparation: Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating perfo

    pdficon.png How to Apply

    California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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