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Pettit Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier Aerosol

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Pettit Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier Aerosol - 20 oz.

Pettit Barnacle Barrier provides easy to use aerosol spray protection for bare metals including steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. It forms an excellent bond to underwater metals and running gear, and inhibits corrosion on these surfaces. Barnacle Barrier’s smooth, hard surface will self-clean in service, and can be used above or below the waterline. The dried film of Barnacle Barrier contains the highest percentage of pure Zinc. 


  • Superior underwater metal protection
  • Excellent adhesion to clean metals
  • Contains the highest concentration of pure Zinc
  • Fast dry formula in an easy to use aerosol spray can
  • Formerly known as Zinc Coat Barnacle Barrier


  • Finish: Flat
  • Number of Coats: 2 or 3
  • Color: Gray
  • Coverage: 10 ft2/16oz. aerosol

How to Apply Pettit Prop Coat Aerosol

  • Application: Aerosol Spray
  • Coverage: 10 ft2/16 oz. aerosol
  • Number of Coats: 2-3 aerosol
  • Application Temp: 50°F - 90°F
  • Dry Film Thickness per Coat: 1.5 mils aerosol

It is important not to apply more than three coats, as cracking and loss of adhesion may occur if product is applied too thick. 

Dry Times
Temperature Time to Recoat Time to Launch
90°F 1/2 hour 16 hours
70°F 1 hour 24 hours
50°F 2 hours 48 hours

Surface Preparation

  • All metal surfaces must be free of all old coatings, dirt, rust, oil, grease, wax, soap, and any other foreign matter.
  • Clean metals by sandblasting, sanding or wire brushing.
  • Ensure a 2 to 4 mil etch profile in the surface is achieved.
  • Blow off all sanding residue with clean air or vacuum all residue off the surface.
  • Wipe clean with Pettit 120 Brushing Thinner and immediately apply a coat of Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier.

Application Information

  • Shake can vigorously for at least two minutes after mixing balls begin to rattle.
  • Shake often during use.
  • Hold can upright 12 to 16 inches from the surface and spray in a steady back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke.
  • Keep the can the same distance from the surface and in motion while spraying.
  • Apply in thin coats.
  • Allow no more than 5 minutes between two or three thin coats, otherwise allow to dry one hour before applying additional coats.
  • When finished spraying, clear spray valve by turning can upside down and spraying until no more paint comes out.

Cleanup all overspray before it dries hard with Pettit Brush Thinner.

pdficon.png Click to Download Pettit Prop Coat Application Instructions

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