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Skid-No-More Rubberized Non-Skid Coating - Quart

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Skid-No-More Rubberized Non-Skid Coating - Quart

Skid-No-More is a tough, rubberized, acrylic latex, non-skid coating which can be easily applied to almost any surface to provide a safe no-slip environment. Skid- No-More contains ground rubber to obtain non-skid properties, which make it soft, resilient, and non-abrasive. Skid-No-More can be applied to wood, fiberglass, metal, concrete or previously primed surfaces to provide a resilient, light-to-medium duty, non-skid surface. Typical applications include steps, walkways, decks, diving boards, docks, etc. Skid-No-More should not be used for underwater applications or heavy-duty applications such as factory floors exposed to forklift or industrial truck traffic.


For steps, porches, walkways, diving boards, docks, boat decks and tools Skid-No-More comes is a medium gray color, but can be tinted to a desired color with Evercoat Color Agents.


How To Apply

Do Not Apply To: Surfaces which will be underwater such as pool steps. Over-porous concrete which can have moisture transmission from the underside. Garage floors or driveways. Automobile tire heat and pressure can cause adhesion failure. Completely closed or constant, high-humidity areas such as steam rooms, closed-in pools, shower stalls, etc.

Coverage: Approximately 40 to 60 square feet per gallon.

Preparing the Surface: All surfaces should be clean and free of dirt, grease, oil and wax. Previously painted or smooth wood surfaces should be sanded with medium to coarse sandpaper (80-grit). Steel must be primed. Lightly sand primed surface and remove dust. Fiberglass and Aluminum must be thoroughly roughened with medium to coarse sandpaper. No priming is necessary. Aluminum may be etched or primed with an etching primer to increase adhesion. New or smooth concrete should be etched with muriatic acid and thoroughly rinsed with water to remove etching solution. Smooth concrete can also be roughened using a coarse grinding disc. Old dirty concrete should be cleaned with TSP or equivalent to remove dirt, oil, etc. Painted or sealed concrete should be roughened with sandpaper. Dampen concrete with water prior to application of Skid-No-More.

Application: Thoroughly mix before use. Apply only when temperature is above 60 F (15°C). Pour Skid-No-More on the area to be coated and spread with a foam or soft bristle brush. On larger areas, a wallpaper brush with a single row of bristles makes an excellent applicator. Lightly brush in one direction to obtain a uniform application. On some surfaces, the first application may not have even distribution of non-skid particles and a second coat will be necessary. Skid-NoMore can be spray applied using a siphon-type automotive undercoating gun (Schutz gun). On brush or spray applications, allow at least two hours before applying a second coat. Final coats should dry at least eight hours before use. For small areas such as ladder steps, Skid-No-More can be transferred to a “squeeze-type” bottle for easier application.

Performance: Typical in-service application: Boat Ladder 3 Years Laboratory Floor (Foot Traffic) 3 Years Exterior Steps (Foot Traffic) 2 ½ Years

Clean-Up: Skid-No-More can be cleaned up with soap and water before it cures Tinting: Skid-No-More can be tinted to the color of your choice by using Evercoat Coloring Agents. Coloring agents can be blended to achieve varying colors and shades. Universal tints or latex tints can also be used to obtain an unlimited variety of colors. Up to two ounces per quart may be used. Thoroughly mix in the coloring agent prior to use. Skid-NoMore will dry darker than the set color. THINNING: Thinning Skid-No-More is not recommended. Note: Because of the dark rubber particles that make Skid-No-More nonabrasive, some color tones, such as white or black, although close, may not be pure shades.


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