Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating

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Tuff Coat Rubberized Non-Skid Marine Deck Coating - Gallon

Tuff Coat is a high-performance, non-skid polyurethane safety coating that works to effectively coat and weatherproof a number of surfaces. This UV resistant coating protects your boating surfaces, and employs a non-abrasive, crumb aggregate texture that can be sprayed or brushed on, according to how much texture you desire for a protected, non-skid surface. Tuff Coat is highly effective in absorbing noise, which makes it extremely handy in coating aluminum boats and skiffs, as well as lessening the noise in your truck, dock, deck, or ramp. One quart covers approximately 12 sq. ft.; 1 gallon covers about 40-45 sq. ft.

Features & Benefits:

  • Coverage - 1 Gallon of Tuff Coat covers approximately 40-45 square feet
  • Surfaces covered with Tuff Coat Rubberized Coatings must be primed with Tuff Coat Primer (See note below)
  • Helps prevent slips
  • Deadens and absorbs noise
  • Texture may be varied when applied
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly(no VOC's)
  • Consists of recycled rubber crumb aggregate-non abrasive
  • UV resistant pigments & stabilizers enhance protection
  • Protects against chemicals such as acids, solvents, fuels, chlorine, salts, etc.
  • Resists impact
  • Waterproofs wood decking
  • Can be sprayed, brushed or roller applied, easy for the beginner
  • Dries to a quick, easy to clean finish

Application Specs:

  • Temp: 40°F min. - 120°F max. (air, surface, & material)
  • Relative Humidity: 85% maxiumum
  • Method:
    • Roll – TUFF-Coat® Rollers
    • Spray – Superior Hopper Gun or Texture Sprayer
  • Finish: Matte finish
  • Appearance: Textured colored liquid
  • Recommended Spread Rate:
    • Wet mils: 50-60
    • Dry mils: 35-40
    • Coverage: 40-45 Sq. Ft. in 2 coats

Drying Schedule (20 mils wet @50% RH, 72ºF)

  • To touch: Approx. 1 hour
  • To top coat: Approx. 1-2 hours
  • To cure: Approx. 24hrs-5 days for full chemical cure

How to Apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating

Application Method: Roller, Spray

Application Temperature: 40°F or higher

Coats: 2 – Light Traffic | 3 – Heavy Traffic


  • Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating will be touch dry within 1 hour and can be subjected to light foot traffic within 24 hours.
  • The coating should not be subjected to cleaning, heavy loads, or chemical exposure until fully cured after 7 days.
  • Higher temperatures will speed up dry times and colder temperature will slow it.


  • Stir thoroughly before applying and stir periodically to maintain aggregate in suspension.
  • Dilute the product with clean water only. A dilution of 10% will reduce the solids within the product by the same amount.
  • In order to avoid “cracking” do not allow Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating to pool and do not apply coats too thick during the application.

Note: It is recommended that you preform a test patch to ensure adhesion before applying fully.



  • Must be fully cured.
  • If concrete surface has a porous texture, no further surface preparation is necessary.
  • If the concrete surface is not porous, then acid etching, sanding or shot blasting is necessary. Make sure to use a light acid etch and to remove all remaining acid with soap and water and scrub brush.
  • Concrete should be completely clean and dry.
  • Patch all imperfections, cracks, etc. with concrete patch filler and flexible joint fillers.
  • Do not use silicone products, as Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating will not adhere to silicone.
  • Prime with CP-10 as per instructions on label. Once the primer has properly cured, apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.

Painted Surfaces

  • Aggressively roughen surface by sanding with 36 or 40 grit sandpaper. The surface must be rough for proper adhesion.
  • Clean surface of all oils, grease, dirt, silicone and other contaminants. Leave no residue.
  • Inspect for any imperfections or delamination of previously painted surface.
  • Prime with CP-10 then apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.


  • Clean surface by pressure-washing.
  • Ensure that surface is completely dry before applying asphalt primer.
  • Apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.

Steel and Aluminum

  • All bare metal substrates should be appropriately primed after being treated for rust or removal of old paint.
  • All smooth metal should be cleaned, and aggressively roughed by sanding with 36 or 40 grit sand paper or by acid etch. Acid etch is recommended.
  • Clean and dry surface.
  • Prime with MP-10 then apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.


  • Sand with 36 or 40 grit sand paper.
  • Clean and dry surface.
  • Prime with rubber primer then apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.

Plywood, Lumber and Treated Lumber

  • New lumber needs no sanding. Old lumber requires sanding with 36 or 40 grit sandpaper.
  • Remove any peeling, cracking, or chipping paint, varnish or sealer.
  • Ensure that surface is clean and dry before priming with CP-10.
  • Apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.


  • To ensure good adhesion, first sand the surface aggressively using 36 or 40 grit paper to ensure the removal of all gloss from the substrate.
  • Ensure that the surface is free of waxes and other protective additives.
  • Ensure that surface is clean and dry before priming with CP-10.
  • Apply Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating.



  • Use Ultra TUFF Texture Rollers. The roller must be capable of lifting the rubber crumb within the product to the surface.
  • Pour product into paint tray and be sure to completely saturate the roller.
  • Apply the first coat as a thin coat. Resaturate roller after each pass. Make 4-5 consecutive passes in the same direction, with each pass right next to the other.
  • When applying, roll in one direction first, then roll in the opposite direction.
  • Once an area is covered, run the roller very lightly over it to ensure even distribution of color and rubber crumb.


  • Use only the spray gun recommended or supplied by Tuff Coat. Superior brand “Spraying-Mantis” hand held Hopper gun, or equivalent.
  • Spray water out of the gun to prime.
  • Holding the gun approximately 12-24 inches away from the surface, spray an even, light coat over the entire surface.
  • Keep spray gun at a 90 degree angle to the surface.

 Information sourced from Ultra TUFF and Ultra TUFF Marine Water-Based Non-skid Polyurethane Coatings Application Instructions. 

California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov




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