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  1. Marinco On-Board Charger Inlet - Black

    Marinco On-Board Charger Inlet - Black


    Our Price $17.63

    Marinco On-Board Charger Inlets for 15A or 20A 125V straight blade inlet who's low profile cap won't catch fishing line.  Mounts easily to fiberglass and aluminum hulls and wiring is made easy with color coded wire entrance holes.  UV resistant housing cap.

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  2. Guest 10 Amp Dual Output On-Board Battery Charger

    Guest 10 Amp Dual Output On-Board Battery Charger


    Our Price $106.21

    • Total Amps: 10
    • Outputs: 2
    • Amps per out: 5/5
    • Battery System: 12V+12V
    • Input Voltage: 100-130V AC/60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 12V
    • AC: Studs
    • DC: Studs
    • Dimensions: 5.50"x 7.75" x 2.42"
    • Weight: 5.6 Lbs.
      Product Features
    • Ignition Protected
    • Reverse Polarity Protected
    • Short Circuit Protected
    • 3-Stage Switching Electronic Circuit
    • Maintenance Mode protects batteries during storage
    • Fully Potted to Waterproof Electronics
    • Vibration and Shock Protected
    • Self-Protecting under extreme ambient conditions
    • For Flooded, Gel and AGM Batteries
    • 2 - Year Limited Warranty - Through Guest
    • Lifetime Warranty Against Water Damage - Through Guest
    • Meets all Guest Harsh Environment Guidelines
    • Charges two independent 12 volt batteries
  3. Sea Dog Battery Test Switch Panel
  4. Blue Sea Systems Add a Battery Solenoid 2 Battery Bank
  5. Sea Dog Battery Monitor Panel
  6. Marinco Battery Direct Connect

    Marinco Battery Direct Connect


    Our Price $16.45

    Marinco's Battery Direct Connect Multi Connction Battery Terminals allow you to terminate up to four electronic instruments on each set of terminals.  It comes complete with quick-connect terminals.  Positive (+) is molded in red, negative (-) is molded in black.  It is all one piece so there are no screws or parts to lose and the cover snaps tight when closed.

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  7. Cobra CPI 880- 800 Watt Power Inverter
  8. Road Pro 300 Watt DC to AC Inverter

    Road Pro 300 Watt DC to AC Inverter


    Our Price $26.78

    • 600 Watts peak
    • Operate home or office products from your vehicle or boat
    • 2 AC outlets
    • Low battery alarm
    • Thermal and overload protection
    • Includes 12-Volt power cord and power cable with clips to connect to your battery
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  9. Blue Sea Systems SI Series Automatic Charging Relay
  10. Cobra CPI 480 - 400 Watt Power Inverter

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1-10 of 58 Items