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Women's Wakeboards


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Women’s Wakeboards

Selecting the right wakeboard is not always an easy task, there are several factors that go into picking out the perfect wakeboard for your situation. Wholesale Marine carries a comprehensive selection of wakeboards for everyone from kids, women, men, first-time boarders, or the most experienced wakeboarder. We carry wakeboards from leading brands such as Hyperlite in a variety of sizes and styles.

Why Buy a Women’s Wakeboard?

A popular misconception is that all wakeboards are created equal and whether you are a man or woman it doesn’t really matter what type of board you select. Wakeboards come in numerous sizes and designs and a woman’s wakeboard is designed with specific things in mind.  While they all typically function the same, oftentimes women are lighter, and having a lighter board helps with maneuverability. Women’s wakeboards are often designed with more contouring to help with their center of gravity. The Hyperlite Maiden Wakeboard w/ Jinx Boots is a great option for female riders. Designed with women’s specific Hyperlite Satin flex, this light but durable board is great for intermediate to advanced riders.

Looking to slay the competition with tricks and big air, check out the Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard, similar to the Murray Pro Model Wakeboard, this board features the satin flex only found on women’s boards and which makes it a great lightweight board perfect for those hard to do tricks and catching a little more air. For the less advanced riders, the Hyperlite Eden is a great board with comfort and stability.

No matter the skill level, Wholesale Marine has you covered with women’s wakeboards in all types of sizes and finishes. We are water sport enthusiasts and are here to answer any question you have regarding wakeboards, wakeboard accessories, and all things boat-related. Call us at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and we can help you select the board just right for you. We carry the latest wakeboards from the leading manufacturers. Don’t forget about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program. Sign up to save on future purchases.