Women's Wakeboards

      • Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard w/ Jinx Boots 2019
        List Price: $455.99
        Starting At: $284.99

        Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard w/ Jinx Boots 2019 -Beginner to Intermediate Riders- Hyperlite's Eden 2.0 Wakeboard features an asymmetrical design with a women's specific flex to help female riders advance their skills. The Eden 2.0 has a thinner profile...

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      • Hyperlite Maiden Wakeboard w/Blur Bindings
        List Price: $515.99
        Starting At: $429.99

        Hyperlite Maiden Wakeboard w/Blur Bindings Maiden Wakeboard Hyperlite's Maiden is specifically made with the ladies in mind. Featuring a continuous rocker to help increase speed and helps carve through the wake with ease. An innovative Tapered Channel...

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      • Liquid Force Angel 130 Wakeboard w/ Plush Bindings 4-7
        List Price: $443.99
        Starting At: $314.49

        Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard w/ Plush Bindings 2019 This Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard features a redesigned wider tip and tail with an aggressive continuous rocker that creates a pop off the wake and a removable center fin so that the rider can...

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      • Connelly Lotus Wakeboard w/ Optima Boots
        List Price: $503.98
        Starting At: $254.99

        Connelly Lotus Wakeboard Blank w/ Women's Optima Boots The Connelly Lotus Wakeboard features long base molded fins that will add traction without drag. A removable center fin offers added grip while a subtle, blended 3-stage rocker line offers smooth...

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      • Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard w/Syn OT Boots
        List Price: $659.99
        Starting At: $549.99

        Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard w/Syn OT Boots Prizm Wakeboard Gain new heights thanks to the pop and support of the Prizm, an ultralight Hyperlite Wakeboard. Shaped after the 20th Anniversary Pro Model Murray but featuring Hyperlite's satin flex to provide...

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      • Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard w/ Jinx Boots 2019
        List Price: $479.99
        Starting At: $299.99

        Hyperlite Venice Wakeboard w/ Jinx Boots 2019 -Beginner to Intermediate Riders- The Hyperlite Venice is shaped specifically for creating a solid wakeboarding foundation, with a women's specific twist. The Venice has a wider overall profile built atop a...

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      • O'Brien Spark Wakeboard w/ Link Boots 2019
        List Price: $575.99
        Starting At: $407.99

        O'Brien Spark Wakeboard w/ Link Boots 2019 The O'Brien Spark Wakeboard provides lively fun for everyone. With its thinned out Feather Core, 3-Stage Rocker, and full step-down rail, the Spark sits a little deeper in the water, delivering effortless edge...

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      Womens Wakeboards

      Experience the best ride and nail difficult tricks with Womens Wakeboards from Wholesale Marine. We carry premium women’s wakeboards from industry leaders – Hyperlite and Connelly. If you’re new to wakeboarding, we offer packages that include a wakeboard and pair of wakeboard boots so you have everything you need to get a good start on the water. Already have a pair of boots you like? We also offer blank boards in our most popular models.

      Why Buy a Women’s Wakeboard?

      With Wholesale Marine’s large selection of wakeboards, you may be asking: why buy a board specifically designed for women? Women’s wakeboards are lighter, and feature contours more specific to a woman’s center of gravity. These boards offer increased flex in the tips and tails, allowing for better response when riding. Hyperlite’s satin flex is exclusive to its womens wakeboards and ensures that the board will respond appropriately to softer edging.

      If you want the benefits of a wakeboard designed for women without differentiating from standard men’s boards too much, we recommend picking up the Hyperlite Prizm. This board shares the same shape as Hyperlite’s popular Murray Pro Model Wakeboard, but features the satin flex only found on women’s boards. This is a lightweight board that’s great for performing tricks and getting extra pop off the wake!

      Just getting started in wakeboarding? Connelly’s Wildchild Wakeboard is a board designed for setting a solid wakeboarding foundation. It provides a comfortable ride and great stability.

      Beginner or Advanced, We’re Here to Help

      Whether you’re a seasoned wakeboarder, or just getting involved with the sport for the first time, Wholesale Marine’s boating experts are standing by ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-877-388-2628, Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM. When you buy a Women’s Wakeboard from Wholesale Marine, you are getting a high-quality, top-brand wakeboard. We carry the latest and greatest from the leading brands in the wakeboarding industry, and are proud to offer low prices and free shipping on all watersports products. Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts the next time your shop at Wholesale Marine.