Boat Battery Switches

      Boat Battery Switches

      Since 2006, Wholesale Marine has been a boater’s go to destination for everything their craft requires. Known throughout  the marine industry for our comprehensive catalog of all-things boat, as you might expect, the smallest detail, even boat battery switches have not been overlooked. You can trust Wholesale Marine with all our marine electrical component needs. For your convenience, we have in-stock Boat Battery Switches, Low Voltage Disconnects, Boat Battery Kits, Main Battery Disconnect Switches, and Selector Battery Switches. Just about every item ships the same day!

      Battery switches from Wholesale Marine are designed to cut-off power flowing to the battery. This not only prevents unauthorized use of your boat or vehicle, but also prevents battery drain and consumption when your craft is not used for long periods. Incidentally, these switches can also be used for cars, boats, trucks, RVs and other motorized equipment.

      We Stock Everything Your Boat Needs

      Wholesale Marine offers a range of boat battery switches from Blue Seas, Guest, Perko Marine, Sea Dog Marine, and Sierra Marine. Want to control your boat’s use? Perko makes a Medium Battery Selector Switch with a Key Lock to prevent unauthorized persons from draining your boat’s or marine component’s power. Blue Sea’s Battery Switch HD Series Single Circuit ON-OFF controls a single battery-operated component and is ignition-protection for your safety.

      Wholesale Marine is your one-stop marine supply shop, no matter what your boat requires, even small items like boat battery switches! We appreciate your patronage and offer a Customer Loyalty program that provides additional discounts on future purchases. Place an order to receive same day shipping at a flat rate. If you have questions, we’ll be glad to advise you. For questions or to place an order, please call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.