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Boat Fans

      • Caframo Ultimate 12V Marine Fan
        List Price: $47.99
        Starting At: $44.99

        Caframo Ultimate 12V Marine Fan The model 757 Ultimate 12 Volt DC fan has long been a favorite among Caribbean sailors where good boat ventilation is a must. The two speed motor and FingerSafe blade move large masses of air throughout the boat from the...

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      • True North Cabin Heater
        List Price: $98.99
        Starting At: $80.49

        Caframo True North Cabin Heater The True North Cabin Heater is a rugged electric heater with a built-in thermostat. This heater is equipped with 5 settings including steady heat to high output for maximum heat and circulation. The anti-freeze setting is...

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      • Caframo Stor-Dry 9406CAABX Warm Air Circulator
        List Price: $101.49
        Starting At: $88.49

        Caframo Stor-Dry Warm Air Circulator The Stor-Dry low wattage warm air circulator is the "must have" product for the winterization season. The model 9406 Stor-Dry combats mold, mildew and musty odors in any boat that is closed up or winterized. This...

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      • Pali Heater
        List Price: $263.99
        Starting At: $229.49

        Caframo Pali 400W Engine Compartment Heater Extend the boating season and protect your engine against surprise cold snaps prior to winterization. The Pali utilizes a self-regulating PTC heating element that cannot overheat. It meets all ignition...

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      • Fairview Windshield Defogger
        List Price: $39.99
        Starting At: $34.99

        Fairview Windshield Defogger Boaters can defog their windshield in just minutes using the Fairview 12 Volt defogger. It is easy to install with either a sure grip suction cup or permanent screw down base and a standard lighter plug. The unit is...

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      • Bora Marine 6" Fan 3 Speed - White
        List Price: $83.99
        Starting At: $69.99

        Caframo Bora 6" 3-Speed Marine Fan The quietest and most powerful marine fan in its class! The model 748 Bora 12 and 24 Volt fan is designed to deliver the features needed to solve any on-board airflow challenge. The fan is ideal for clearing a bridge...

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      • Johnson Pump In-Line Blower 3"
        List Price: $48.49
        Starting At: $32.99

        Johnson Pump In-Line Blower Johnson Pump In-Line Blowers provide ventilation for bilges, engine compartments, galleys, and heads. Available in 3" and 4" sizes, these blowers are made from high quality ABS plastic construction, corrosion-resistant...

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      • Sea Dog Ceramic 12 Volt Windshield Heater - Defogger
        List Price: $42.49
        Starting At: $30.49

        Sea Dog Ceramic 12 Volt Windshield Heater - Defogger The Sea Dog Ceramic Windshield Heater works great for keeping small windows clear of condensation. Comes with a 5-1/2 foot long cord and plugs into a 12 volt power socket. The base pivots and rotates,...

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      • Caframo Ultimate 7" Fan w/ Lighter Plug
        List Price: $59.99
        Starting At: $54.99

        Caframo Ultimate 7" Fan w/ Lighter Plug Industry recognized and a long time favorite of sailors! The model 747 Ultimate fan is recognized by Practical Sailor magazine as a "Best Buy" in the marine market. This fan has a minimalistic design and is custom...

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      • Sea Dog Clamp-on Mount 12 Volt Fan
        List Price: $27.99
        Starting At: $19.99

        Sea Dog Clamp-on Mount 12 Volt Fan This Sea Dog Clamp-on Mount Fan is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic and can be mounted almost anywhere. Features an integral high/low speed switch. Has a 6 foot cord that plugs into any 12 VDC power socket...

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      • Kona 7" Fan Variable Speed - White
        List Price: $176.99
        Starting At: $153.99

        Kona Model 817 The only weatherproof fan on the market! Rated at IP55, the model 817 Kona 12 Volt fan is designed to hold up in the most demanding marine conditions. Featuring a watertight motor and constructed of extruded aluminum, UV stabilized...

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      • Caframo Tiny Tornado II Handheld Fan
        List Price: $17.99
        Starting At: $14.99

        Caframo Tiny Tornado II Handheld Fan The Caframo Tiny Tornado II is a small but mighty battery-powered fan. This fan provides powerful airflow in a portable package. A great choice for boaters, campers, RV'ers, and anyone who needs cooling comfort on...

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      • Caframo Maestro 12V Marine Fan
        List Price: $119.99
        Starting At: $99.99

        Caframo Maestro 12V Marine Fan The Caframo Maestro Marine Fan is a great addition to any vessel needing additional airflow. This fan has similar features to Caframo's popular Bora fan, but with the addition of a dual LED light and wired remote pendant...

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      Boat Fans

      Marine fans serve a variety of different purposes from providing extra comfort from the heat out on the water to helping alleviate moisture and water from your boat and protect it from the damage moisture can cause. Wholesale Marine carries a wider range of boat fans from top brands in marine products such as Sea Dog, Johnson, Hella Marine, and Caframo.

      Shop Our Various Styles Of Boat Fans

      Providing a little extra comfort on those hot summer days can be the difference between an enjoyable day out on the water to a miserable one. We stock a variety of different fans to help keep you and your passengers comfortable from handheld, clip-on, and boat fans with various mounting options. The Caframo Tiny Tornado is a great handheld option that is portable and can be used on and off the water. The powerful Hella Marine 2-Speed Turbo Fan is a versatile marine fan that can be mounted in various configurations and provides comfort for a variety of applications, including galley areas as well as sleeping cabins.

      Wholesale Marine also carries marine fans that provide ventilation in and out of areas, including cabins and bilge areas. The Taku Air Exchanging Hatch Fan removes stale cabin air in minutes and can also be used as a traditional cooling fan. The Johnson Pump In-Line Blower helps relieve flammable fumes from engine compartments and can help prevent the build-up of fumes that could spark an explosion.

      Whether you need a boat fan for extra added comfort on your boating excursion or you need a marine fan to help provide extra ventilation in various areas of your vessel, Wholesale Marine has what you need. We offer same-day flat-rate shipping. Contact our team of expert customer service representatives at 877-388-2628 with questions regarding your boating needs. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.