Kids Wakeboards

      • Hyperlite Murray Jr. Wakeboard - Front/Back

        Hyperlite Murray Jr. Wakeboard w/ Remix Boots 2023 The Hyperlite Murray Jr. Wakeboard is a kid-friendly boat board for intermediate and advanced young riders. The overall simplicity of the board makes it easy to ride and very user friendly. The variable...

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      • Hyperlite Motive Jr. Wakeboard w/ Remix Kids Boots 2023

        Hyperlite Motive Jr. Wakeboard w/ Remix Kids Boots 2023 The Hyperlite Motive Jr. Wakeboard is the perfect wakeboard for young riders learning to ride. This board is preferred by beginner and intermediate riders who like the flowing feel of Hyperlite's...

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      • Hyperlite 119 Divine Jr. Wakeboard w/ Jinx Girls Bindings

        Hyperlite Divine Jr. Wakeboard w/ Jinx Girls Bindings The Hyperlite Divine Jr. is an excellent choice for a girl's first wakeboard. This board is great for beginner riders who enjoy the feel of the free ride series. It gives a calmer turn with smoother...

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      • O'Brien System Wakeboard w/ Clutch Boots 2022

        O'Brien System Wakeboard w/ Clutch Boots 2022 Build a solid wakeboarding foundation with the O'Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch Boots package. The System is a great board for beginners looking to get behind the boat for the first time, and is perfect...

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      • Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard w/Jinx Boots 2022

        Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard w/Jinx Boots 2022 The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard is shaped to help riders advance their skills behind the boat. This asymmetrical board has a shorter but more effective edge on the rider's toe side to make learning hard...

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        Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard - Board Front/Back

        Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard w/Rant Boots 2022 This Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard is the perfect board for kids to improve their riding. With an aggressive continuous rocker that has a subtle sharpness to the edge, this board helps kids easily...

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      • Hyperlite Divine Wakeboard w/ Allure Boots 2020

        Hyperlite Divine Wakeboard w/ Allure Boots 2020 Hyperlite's Divine Wakeboard is is beginner-friendly board that's perfect for a rider's first time behind the boat. This durable board features a layered glass and monocoque construction, ensuring...

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      • O'Brien Siren Wakeboard w/ Nova Boots 2020

        O'Brien Siren Wakeboard w/ Nova Boots 2020 The O'Brien Siren Wakeboard is a beginner-friendly board that's perfect for developing the fundamentals of wakeboarding. The continuous rocker keeps the board stable on the water and produces a predictable pop...

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      • Hydroslide Edge Jr. Wakeboard

        Hydroslide Edge Jr. Wakeboard Included lace up Jr.  Chaser bindings will help take anyone under 125lbs from being a beginner to riding at an intermediate level.  Oval design is very forgiving and easy to turn. Wide mid section provides a very stable...

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      Kids Wakeboards

      Wholesale Marine carries a great selection of beginner wakeboards designed to help young wakeboarders learn and improve their riding capability. We know which styles and trends are popular with youths and also understand that kids grow up quickly. That's why we keep our prices affordable and our products updated with the latest and greatest in the wake world.

      Top brands such as Hyperlite, Liquid Force, and O'Brien offer kid-friendly features that not only accommodate new riders, but also allow young riders to transition into advanced riding when they're ready. The various styles and boards feature the necessary shapes your kid needs to conquer larger wakes, will help your stars learn new tricks, and keep them coming back for more! All of our kids’ wakeboards include bindings/boots that are comfortable, easy to get into, and are easily adjustable for your child's growing feet.

      Professional Brands, Child-Friendly Boards

      Your child will ride with confidence knowing they are using a wakeboard from the same brand that professional riders use. Many wakeboards, such as the Hyperlite State 2.0, come in both children’s and adult sizes. This board features an asymmetrical shape and is ideal for mastering the foundations of wakeboarding. The sizing of this board also makes it a great choice for a youth wakeboard. The best feature about this board is if your child loves it, they can upgrade to the larger versions when they outgrow it.

      If you’re looking for something a bit more durable, we recommend the O’Brien Hooky Wakeboard. O’Brien designed this board to withstand being dropped on a rock or scraped across the garage floor. This wakeboard will last season after season, and is great for kids who are a bit rougher on their gear.

      If your child is too young to start on a solid wakeboard, the Airhead EZ Wake is a great substitute. It is an inflatable trainer designed to teach the basics of wakeboarding including proper stance, balance, and handle position. The EZ Wake is a terrific way to build confidence in young riders by providing a safe, and fun learning experience.

      Everything Your Young Rider Needs, at Low Prices!

      Water sport activities can provide hours of family fun and exercise. We understand that wakeboarding can be very intimidating for new young riders and their parents. That is why we carry a great selection of kids wakeboards to teach your child to wakeboard, all at affordable prices. Choose a wakeboard package that suits the needs of your kid, a rope and handle, and ski vest, and you’re good to go!

      If you’re a parent who’s new to wakeboarding and not sure which board is best for your young wakeboarder, give us a call! Our boating experts are available Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628 and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to ask them about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for added discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine.