Marine Toilet Parts

      • MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot

        MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot This heavy duty, all clear vinyl tubing reinforced for hot or cold pressurized water systems and many other uses. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and FDA approved compound. Operating temperature range -20F to +150F...

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      • MPI Sanitation Hose Plastic Reinforced

        MPI Sanitation Hose Plastic Reinforced This smooth wall extra heavy duty vinyl hose for all sanitation system connections and other critical applications. FDA approved and low water absorption compounds provide excellent odor resistance. THIS PRODUCT IS...

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      • Clear Vinyl Non-Toxic Tubing - Per Foot

        This .5" single extrusion, non-toxic vinyl hose has a working pressure of 45# and is produced with FDA approved compound. Recommended for non-pressurized cool water uses such as fresh water, sink, shower, livewell and refrigerator drain lines. THIS...

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      • Jabsco/Xylem Waste Y Valve - Lockable

        Y-Valve allows waste to be pumped overboard or into a holding tank. Can be padlocked(not included) so waste can only go into holding tank to comply with some regulations. Connections for both 1" and 1 1/2" ports. Dimensions are 7 5/8"L x 7 1/4"W x 4...

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      • Jabsco Manual Pump Assembly 29040-3000

        Manual Pump Assembly Replacement manual pump assembly for the 29090 and 29120 series toilet. Just unscrew your old and replace the entire unit with the new replacement. Saves time and money!

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      • Jabsco Major Service Kit - Manual Toilet # 29045-2000

        This major service kit for 1998-2007 manual toilets includes: 2 - screw caps 1 - base valve gasket 1 - seal assembly 1 - top valve seat 1 - top valve gasket 1 - o-ring (flush lever) 1 - screw (flush lever) 1 - buffer 1 - screw (valve cover) 1 - o-ring...

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      • Jabsco Inlet Non-Return Valve # 29295

        Jabsco INlet Non-Return Valve- 3/4" I.D. A check valve give quicker and easier flushing response on many manual and 37010-Series electic toilet installations For use with manual and electric toilets using sea water flush. Simply fit in inlet...

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      • Vented Loop 1.5 Inch

        Vented Loop for 1.5" hose. An essential safty component on all inlet and discharge plumbing of toilets installed below the static or heeled waterline. Simple valve system ensures that water cannot siphon over pipe loops Moulded in tough plastic For waste...

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      • Service Kit for 3000 Series Toilets #29045-3000

        Service Kit For -3000 'Twist n' Lock' Series Toilets. Includes: Seals & gaskets 2 caps Plug o-ring Base valve gasket Handle with bumper washer Seal assembly Top valve seat Top valve gasket Flush lever o-ring Flush lever screw ...

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      • Dometic Toilet Control Panel - Black Wall Switch

        Dometic Toilet Control Panel - Black Wall Switch The Dometic Toilet Control Panel is used for numerous Dometic macerator toilets, has Handwave motion sense technology and reactance touch display that offers a fresh perspective to sanitation. The...

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      • Sealand 970 Series Hold-Down Kit

        Sealand 970 Series Hold-Down Kit Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets and Fasteners for 970 Series Toilets Secures 970 series portable toilet models to floor surface. Key benefits: Stainless steel hardware resists corrosion Works with lower tank...

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      • Johnson Pump Manual Toilet Pump Assembly

        Johnson Pump Manual Toilet Pump Assembly The Johnson Pump manual toilet pump assembly can be paired with any Johnson Pump AquaT manual marine toilet. It incorporates an ergonomically designed, hand-powered piston pump that can be mounted for either left...

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      • Johnson Pump Macerator Impeller

        Johnson Pump 09-1052S-9 Macerator Impeller Replacement Nitrile macerator pump impeller. Johnson Pump replacement impellers provide stable pressure delivery over time and have excellent self-priming capability.  Specifications: For pump...

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      Marine Toilet Parts

      Maintaining your boat’s sanitation system is critical. After all, it is not as though you can phone a plumber to make a boat call! So it is important to keep a supply of marine toilet parts on hand, just in case... Wholesale Marine stocks a wide array of sanitation service parts for marine plumbing systems. Our inventory includes hold downs, macerators, marine toilets, and more from leading marine manufacturers like Johnson Pump, MPI Products, Sealand, Thetford, Whale Marine, and Jabsco. If you are not certain what replacement part you’ll need for your sanitation system, just give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the right part the first time.

      Many marine toilet parts and components for your boat’s sanitation system must be compliant. For example, Jabsco/Xylem’s Waste Y Valve, which allows waste to be pumped into a holding tank is lockable, and complies with most USCG regulations. Another important marine sanitation system part is the top valve gasket. If yours is damaged and leaking, Jabsco’s Gasket #29042 is durable and made from quality materials to resist cracking.

      Rather than replace your old marine toilet, give it an overhaul with Jabsco’s Major Service Kit . The avid DIYer can easily perform this repair and save the cost of a replacement fixture. Whatever your marine toilet requires from toilet seats to Sealand’s 970 Series Hold Down Kit, Wholesale Marine stocks it and will send it out to you the same day, for a flat rate. BTW: impellers can wear out quickly so this is one part you’ll want to keep in your onboard tool box.

      It’s a given that you’ll want to keep a few toilet repair parts on board, but do not overlook your waste maceration system. Impeller blades can wear out quickly so having a spare Johnson’s Pump Macerator Impeller is a sound choice. MPI’s Plastic Reinforced Sanitation Hose is a multi-purpose item you’ll be glad you stocked up on. Also, Whale Marine’s Gulper Service Kit with replacement diaphragm and valves is another item you’ll want in your toolbox for when the unexpected occurs.

      Wholesale Marine appreciates your business. Order your marine toilet parts today and you’ll have your parts in no time. Be sure to ask your representative about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine. Providing great customer service is very important to us. Should you have a question about our selection of marine sanitation supplies or wish to place an order, just call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.