Hull & Deck Cleaners

      Boat Hull Cleaners

      When you are underway, your boat hull takes the brunt of force by the water it displaces. Over time this can lead to a build up of scuffs, and damage to the gel coat.  Over time at the marina, crust and barnacles can adhere to the hull, waterline and rust stains may also develop. And in dry dock, mold and mildew can develop. The hull requires frequent cleaning, however, it is not advisable to use household cleaning products. Instead, Wholesale Marine carries a broad array of cleaning products specifically for this purpose from Starbrite, 303 Products, Boat Bling, Flitz, >Meguair’s, Shurhold, and Sudbury.

      Starbrite’s Instant Hull Cleaner quickly and completely dissolves marine growth and other residues from your boat hull. It is considered safe to use on most finishes. This manufacturer also makes Boat Scuff Erasers, which instantly removes scuffs and dirt, grime, streaks and other stains from vinyl and fiberglass hulls.

      Great Boat Hull Cleaners From Wholesale Marine:

      Protect your investment with Flitz Ultimate Crust Remover which restores the hull’s finish by removing stubborn stains, mineral and salt deposits, and marine vegetation and other build-up. Also, Sudbury’s Boat Zoap Plus, sold by the gallon, is a concentrated cleaner that will keep your hull sparkling all season.

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