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Saddle Floats

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      • Gail Force Extra Thick Saddle Float

        Gail Force Extra Thick Saddle Float The Gail Force Saddle Float provides floating fun for every member of the family whether out for a day on the lake, or relaxing, and socializing with your friends and family in your backyard pool. You’ll float...

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      • O'Brien Water Saddle Float

        O'Brien Water Saddle Float The O'Brien Water Saddle Float provides hands-free flotation in the water. Saddle floats provide a more comfortable option for floating in the water when hanging out or socializing. Just straddle the durable, flexible foam...

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      • TRC Pool Saddle Soft Floating Chair

        TRC Super Soft Pool Saddle Floating Chair This Super Soft saddle-shaped floating chair is the ideal float for relaxing all day out in the pool or lake. The Pool Saddle keeps your arms and legs free for paddling around, or holding beverages. This float...

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      • Lazy Bunz Saddle Float

        Lazy Bunz Saddle Float The Lazy Bunz Saddle Float provides all day comfort while floating in the lake or pool. This comfortable, high quality float is always ready to straddle or lean back on, leaving your arms free for holding beverages or paddling...

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      • Onyx Cove Cushion - Blue

        Full Throttle Cove Cushion - Blue Take a relaxing dip in the water with the Full Throttle Cove Cushion. Acting as a floating seat with backrest, the Cove Cushion is perfect for relaxing in the pool or lake. This cushion features two convenient carry...

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      • Airhead Cove Saddle Float

        Airhead Cove Saddle Float The Airhead Cove Saddle is the perfect float for cooling off in lakes or at the pool. This saddle float allows for hands-free flotation with a comfortable supportive backrest. The Airhead Cove Saddle is constructed with a...

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      • O'Brien XL Water Saddle Float

        O'Brien XL Water Saddle Float Get out on the water with an O'Brien XL Water Saddle Float. These floating foam seats provide a relaxing way to float on the lake or in the pool while keeping your arms free. Dimensions: 32"L x 16"W Colors...

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      • O'Brien Super Saddle Float

        O'Brien Super Saddle Float The O'Brien Super Saddle float is your own personal floating foam seat. Enjoy hands-free flotation while out in the pool or on the lake. Its non-abrasive, closed cell foam construction is soft on the skin and won't crack,...

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      Saddle Floats

      Unlike traditional water floats, saddle floats provide hand-free buoyancy with no inflation needed. Wholesale Marine carries an affordable selection of water saddle floats in a variety of colors and styles. Our best seller, the Gail Force Extra Thick Saddle Float, features 2 inches of extra foam for superior flotation and support. These floating saddles are great for relaxing at the pool or lake, and store easily when not in use. When you’re not using your saddle float in the water, they can be used as a pool-side seat cushion.

      If a comfortable float is what you’re seeking, look no further than our Super Soft Pool Saddles. Available in three summer-fun colors, these floats are made from soft vinyl-coated closed-foam, delivering all day comfort in the water. Another soft foam option, the Pool Saddle Floating Seat gives your arms and legs freedom for paddling around the lake; this swim saddle is an excellent option for use in aquatic therapy.

      Wholesale Marine carries the best lake and pool saddle floats in the industry. When you’re ready to shop, we’re here with a diverse assortment of aqua saddle colors and styles. We offer same-day shipping on all water floats, so you can get out and enjoy them even faster! Flat-rate shipping ensures that no matter the size or quantity of floats you order, you won’t get charged outrageous shipping costs. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and our Captain’s Club Rewards provides customers with even more ways to save. If you find yourself torn between two water saddles, give our customer service team a call at 1-877-388-2628 and we can provide additional information. Our team is available Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM EST.