Zincs & Anodes

      Boat Zincs and Anodes

      An essential part on every vessel, zinc anodes for boats are installed to protect underwater metal components, such as a bronze propeller or metal struts, from galvanic corrosion. Galvanic Corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals are physically or electronically connected and immersed in water. Without any form of protection, galvanic corrosion will cause underwater metals to corrode and waste away. When sacrificial anodes, commonly referred to as zincs, are added to the equation, they will corrode away instead, leaving your metal components intact.

      At Wholesale Marine, you'll find zinc anodes, magnesium anodes, and aluminum anodes. Zinc anodes have been used for years and are recommended for saltwater applications. For boats in freshwater, magnesium anodes provide excellent protection, especially for underwater aluminum parts. For boaters who plan to be in brackish water, aluminum anodes are the way to go. Aluminum alloy anodes have become more popular over the years as they have a longer lifespan and provide protection in both fresh and saltwater.

      Boat zincs and anodes should disintegrate over time. After a year, even if your zinc anode seems to still be in great shape, it should be replaced as it may contain impurities or have a bad connection. Once your anode is about half done, it's time to replace it (usually every year). At Wholesale Marine, we stock a full line of zinc anodes for boats including engine anodes, prop shaft anodes, anode kits, rudder anodes, and more. In addition, our anode kits make shopping fast and easy.

      If you're unsure which option from Wholesale Marine’s selection of zinc anodes for boats is the right choice for you, give us a call! Our call center is available Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM EST at 1-877-388-2628. Don't forget to ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program to learn how you can save on future purchases. We offer same-day shipping on all in stock items, and free shipping on orders over $99.