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Teak Oil

      • Starbrite Classic Teak Tropical Teak Sealer
        List Price: $37.99
        Starting At: $21.99

        Starbrite Classic Teak Tropical Teak Sealer Starbrite Classic Teak Sealer is a long-lasting formula, even in tropical sun and salt. This unique tropical teak oil formula makes teak maintenance-free. Features a classic teak color that is the same warm...

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      • Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil
        List Price: $38.99
        Starting At: $23.99

        Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil is the finest sealer/preserver/finish for marine teak and other fine woods. Star brite uses premium natural oils that are ultra-refined and chemically modified to form high molecular...

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      • Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner
        List Price: $25.99
        Starting At: $15.99

        Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner Starbrite Premium Teak Cleaner is the fastest, easiest way to clean teak and other fine woods. Use this product to prepare teak for oiling and sealing. This cleaner safely removes oils and stains without the need for...

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      • Starbrite Premium Teak Care Kit
        List Price: $80.49
        Starting At: $48.99

        Starbrite Premium Teak Care Kit The Stabrite Premium Teak Care Kit has everything you need to refinish old teak or protect new wood. This kit contains Starbrite's 3-Step Teak Care System: Premium Teak Cleaner, Premium Teak Brightener, and Premium Golden...

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      • Starbrite Premium Teak Brightener
        List Price: $25.99
        Starting At: $15.99

        Starbrite Premium Teak Brightener Starbrite Premium Teak Brightener is used to brighten teak and other fine woods. This product highlights wood grain and enhances warm natural colors. When restoring grey, weathered teak, this product should be used...

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      • TE-KA Teak Wood Cleaner
        List Price: $38.99
        Starting At: $30.99

        ITW TE-KA Scrub-less Teak Cleaner 2-Part  TE-KA 2-part teak cleaner cleans and brightens heavily soiled teak and other fine-wood decks and trim without scrubbing or bronze wool. Removes gray oxidation, oil, fish blood stains, and residue by a...

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      • Starbrite Teak Oil
        List Price: $33.99
        Starting At: $20.99

        Starbrite Teak Oil Starbrite Teak Oil seals and protects teak and all fine woods. The fast-drying, high quality ingredients bring out the natural wood grain and color. This teak oil is formulated with UV inhibitors to protect teak from the sun's rays...

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      Marine Teak Oil

      Every season, wooden boat decks take a beating from user wear and tear, as well as from the sun and water. Worn wood decks, especially pricey teak can be very expensive to repair and to replace. You can extend the working life of your deck by maintaining it with top grade marine teak oil-based products. Wholesale Marine stocks a tried and true selection of teak oil cleaners and sealers to keep your deckage, as well as all the wood surfaces around your vessel, in top shape. We carry the best brands on the market including products from ITW Marine Tex, Starbrite, Sudbury and Tip Top Teak. If you’re not sure which products are right for use on your wood deck, just give us a call, we’ll be glad to offer advice!

      When wood decks are wet, they can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Be sure to clean your deck well with products like Starbrite’s Premium Teak Cleaner or ITW Marine Tex’s Two-Part TE-KA Teak Work Cleaner as is Sudbury’s Two Step Cleaning Products, Part A and Part B. These solutions clean wood surfaces without raising the grain and are great to use on teak furniture, too! If your deck is dull and weathered, the next step is to use Starbrite’s Premium Teak Brightener, or Tip Top’s Teak Deck Brightener to restore your wood’s finish.

      Restore your Deck or Wood Furniture with Ease!

       Finally, to seal your teak deck, try Starbrite’s Premium Marine Teak Oil, which penetrates deep into your deck’s surface to protect it against fading and water damage. Tip Top also makes a fine Teak Wood Oil-Sealer. It is recommended for use on all wooden surfaces and provides long-lasting protection from the elements. If you want to keep a kit on hand for fast surface refinishing, try Starbrite’s Premium Teak Care Kit. It is great for smaller tasks such as restoring the finish on wood furniture, too.

      We’re here for you whenever you need anything for your boat, even if it is just solid advice. Give us a call at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. Our staffers are boating enthusiasts too, and we look forward to assisting you to choose marine teak oil to preserve your deck and wood furniture. Solid advice and a great selection of marine components is just the beginning. We also offer competitive prices, same day, flat rate shipping, and a Captain’s Loyalty program for additional discounts the next time you shop our Wholesale Marine online store.