Pumps & Sanitation

      • Bilge Pump Hose - By The Foot

        This .75" Heavy corrugated polyethylene hose provides outstanding flexibility. Resists oily bilge acids and sea water. Custom molded cuff every foot for easy installation and clamping. Ideal for electric and manual bilge pumps and livewell aerators. THIS...

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      • MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot

        MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot This heavy duty, all clear vinyl tubing reinforced for hot or cold pressurized water systems and many other uses. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and FDA approved compound. Operating temperature range -20F to +150F...

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      • Johnson Pump Replacement Cartridge Motor

        Mayfair Replacement Cartridge Bilge Pump Motors by Johnson Pump Replace your boat’s worn bilge pump cartridge with Johnson’s Pump replacement cartridge motor. This kit is a universal replacement for all Johnson Pump cartridge bilge pumps and...

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      • MPI Sanitation Hose Plastic Reinforced

        MPI Sanitation Hose Plastic Reinforced This smooth wall extra heavy duty vinyl hose for all sanitation system connections and other critical applications. FDA approved and low water absorption compounds provide excellent odor resistance. THIS PRODUCT IS...

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      • T-H Marine Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

        T-H Marine Stainless Steel Hose Clamps T-H Marine stainless steel hose clamps are completely made with 300 series stainless components, including the tightening screw. Standard worm gear construction. Packaged in pairs.

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      • T&H Marine Thru-Hull Fittings Straight White

        T-H Marine Thru-Hull Fittings Straight White All T-H Marine Thru-Hull Fittings are made of the highest quality virgin polypropylene to ensure durability and attractive appearance. Polypropylene is UV stabilized to provide longevity. Available in...

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      • Johnson Pump Cartridge Bilge Pump

        Mayfair Replacement Johnson Pump Cartridge Bilge Pump Johnson Pump Cartridge Bilge Pumps are direct replacements to the popular Mayfair Cartridge Bilge Pumps and are designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy! Johnson Bilge Pump Cartridges can be...

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      • Thetford Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

        Thetford Aqua-Soft Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Thetford Aqua-Soft toilet tissue is a must-have for RV and marine sanitation systems. This biodegradable toilet paper is designed to rapidly dissolve and prevent clogging in holding tanks. Luxurious...

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      • Johnson Pump Proline Bilge Pump

        Mayfair Replacement Proline Bilge Pump by Johnson Pump The Johnson Pump Proline Bilge Pump is a crucial boat accessory to remove excess water from your vessel. Proline Bilge Pumps are both ignition protected and 100% submersible. Equipped with a 316...

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      • TH Marine Duckbill Overboard Drain Scupper

        T-H Marine Duckbill Overboard Drain Scupper Tough Thermoplastic Flapper Seals Tight Under Water Pressure Easy to Install Over Drain Tubes Outer Ring is 2-3/4" in Diameter Color: Black/White

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      • Clear Vinyl Non-Toxic Tubing - Per Foot

        This .5" single extrusion, non-toxic vinyl hose has a working pressure of 45# and is produced with FDA approved compound. Recommended for non-pressurized cool water uses such as fresh water, sink, shower, livewell and refrigerator drain lines. THIS...

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      • Groco Bronze Thru Hull With Nut

        Groco TH Series Standard Length Bronze Thru Hull w/ Nut Groco TH Series Thru Hulls are constructed of C83600 bronze and feature a NPSM / NPT combination thread. These thru hulls are available in a variety of sizes and come with a nut included. NPSM /...

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      • Groco Pipe To Hose Bronze Fitting

        Groco Pipe to Hose Bronze Fitting Groco bronze Pipe to hose fitting. Standard Flow - the hose ID is the same as the pipe size (ie: PTH-750 has 3/4" NPT pipe thread and accepts 3/4" ID hose). Sizes from 1/2" to 5" UL Listed...

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      • Groco In-Line Ball Valve

        Groco IBV Series Full-Flow Flanged In-line Ball Valve The Groco IVB Series In-Line Ball Valves are full-flow valves with a patented selectable handle rotation. The handle has a square hole to accept standard ratchet to help reach valves in hard-to-reach...

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      • Attwood Tsunami Boat Aerator Pump

        Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump Aerator pumps continuously move water and pump oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active and alive, either as bait or for the day’s catch. The problem with most working parts, especially those exposed to...

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      • Attwood Marine Scupper Valve

        Attwood Marine Scupper Valve Provides a water exit for boats with self-bailing cockpits. Acetal construction. Accommodates 3875B thru-transom thru-hull connector (screw holes must be drilled for installation.) Diameter: 2-7/8". Use as a replacement...

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      • TH Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug

        T-H Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug This Push-in Plug from T-H Marine stops water in livewell or baitwell drains. Made from Marine Grade molded vinyl. Features double rings for positive seal. Sizes: PP-118 - For 1-1/8" Thru-Hull and...

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      • Attwood Marine Turbo In-Line Bilge Blower

        Attwood Marine Turbo In-Line Bilge Blower The first vane axial-flow fan bilge blowers designed using aerospace technology to maximize performance. No other bilge blowers in the industry provide such powerful system output at such a low power input in a...

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      Marine Pumps and Marine Sanitation Products

      Marine pumps provide a variety of different functions on your boat and are essential to ensure your vessel is sea-worthy. They move water and other liquids from various areas on your boat to other areas, including on and off your boat. Make sure all your marine pumps and marine sanitation equipment is in top working order should be a part of your pre-launch checklist.

      Wholesale Marine carries an extensive inventory of marine pumps and marine sanitation products to assist with all your needs from bilge pumps, freshwater pumps, livewell pumps, and sanitation systems.

      Marine Pumps For All Situations

      Bilge pumps are needed to remove any water that may collect in the bilge area or bottom of your boat. Most of the time this water is minor from rain or water spray. However, there can be times when you have more extensive water collecting, and not removing this could cause extensive damage or even result in your vessel sinking. We offer both automatic and manual options.

      Freshwater pumps provide water to onboard fixtures such as your sink or shower, and can provide a water source for many other boat equipment. Boat wash down pumps can help keep your boat clean, allowing you to remove dirt and debris right on the water. These pumps help provide water to various equipment to help make your time-out on the water more comfortable.

      Having properly functioning marine sanitation pumps and equipment is important to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience. We offer everything from marine toilets, holding tanks, and macerator pumps to ensure all your sanitation needs are met.

      Wholesale Marine offers everything you need to keep your boat up and running and ready for the water. We carry a full line of marine pumps along with anything else you require. Our boating experts are ready to answer any questions you may have. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at 877-388-2628. Ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for discounts on your next purchases.