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      Marine Onboard Battery Chargers

      Many key systems on your boat run on batteries so it is important to keep reliable marine onboard chargers on your craft to keep your boat running smoothly in every situation. Wholesale Marine stocks reliable chargers that are interactively-controlled by microprocessors for accurate charging. These sense the power needs of every component to charge correctly, to prevent overcharging, overheating, open-circuits, short-circuits, reverse polarity, even sparking! Our selection of marine onboard chargers are waterproof, and are built to withstand corrosion and the elements.

      Wholesale Marine Stocks the Top Names in Chargers!

      Wholesale Marine carriers a select assortment of marine onboard chargers from the top names in the industry including, Blue Seas, Charles, Dual Pro Chargers, Marinco, Minn Kota, Newmar, ProMariner, and Sea Dog Marine. Whatever your need for chargers, Wholesale Marine has it, from the cost-effective Minn Kota MIK-1 DC Single Bank Onboard Alternator Charger, up to Newmar’s Phase Three Series 24-Volt Battery Chargers available in 20-AMp, 45-AMP, 60-AMP and 95-AMP models, you’ll never be stranded due to power loss again. We additionally recommend purchasing Sea Dog’s Battery Monitor Panel, so you’ll know which battery-powered components need charging before these systems fail.

      Regardless of the age or make of your craft, Wholesale Marine has the marine onboard chargers your boat requires to keep all battery-operated systems running normally. When you call us, you are speaking with a fellow boating enthusiast who knows and appreciates that you want your vessel up and running and in top shape. We offer same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Returns are easy and you’ll always receive the best customer service and advice. Be sure to ask about our Customer Loyalty Program for additional savings on your next purchase at Wholesale Marine. Call us today at (877) 388-2628.