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      Boat Trailer Tires, Boat Trailer Wheels, and Boat Trailer Rims

      For every craft, eventually you have to replace or upgrade your boat trailer. All that wear the tires and rims have accumulated from traveling, being in the elements, non-use dry-rot, and all the other adventures and misadventures will result in the need for replacement boat trailer tires, wheels and rims. Luckily, Wholesale Marine can help – those local chain stores where you bring your car won’t quite cut it for boat owners’ needs. For an optimal long-term experience overall as well as to get the absolute best most from your boat, you’ll need the right boat trailer tires that are designed specifically for trailering. It's the same story for boat trailer wheels and boat trailer rims. Come to Wholesale Marine, your one-stop shop for all things boat related. It’s a fact: No other type of establishment can fulfill your marine and boating requirements like Wholesale Marine.

      Now that you know you can shop Wholesale Marine for the best boat trailer tires, wheels and rims for your trailering needs, you’ll also be pleased to know our prices are competitive as well. You’ll always find a great selection of quality Loadstar tires, rims, lugs, and ancillary parts such as spare tire carriers, covers, and even security locks! We offer selection, inventory, and price – why go anywhere else?

      So you can be prepared for the unexpected, we stock spare tires for all kinds of trailers, including boat trailers, PWC trailers, utility trailers, and more. So, whether you’re in the market for bias-ply or radial, you can be confident that we’ll have your boat trailer tire size available and ready to ship. Generally speaking, radial tires offer better grip, less flex, better rolls, require less gas and will last longer than conventional bias-ply tires.

      Shop Boat Trailer Tires – Single Tires & Sets, Also Boat Trailer Rims

      While not typically changed out at the same pace as tires, occasionally boat trailer rims need replacing. Wholesale Marine stocks popular painted rims as well as galvanized rims. The painted rims add a touch of style to your trailer, while the galvanized rims will last a lifetime. Find various sizing options ranging from 8" to 15" in rims and tires and 4-to-6 lug patterns.

      One question that our representatives are frequently asked is the misunderstanding regarding the differences between boat trailer tires and boat trailer wheels. Boat trailer wheels are the metal component that connects to the hub through an axle. Of course, just like on your car or truck, boat trailer tires are the rubber casing that is attached to the wheel. Now that we’ve cleared that up, know that Wholesale Marine stocks a large inventory of both tires and wheels for your trailer, regardless of its size and/or manufacturer

      Wholesale Marine makes it their job to help you find just what you need fast. If you want to purchase boat trailer rims, we offer the best options. You also have the flexibility of replacing the tires themselves, or know that Wholesale Marine additionally sells rims and tires in sets as well.

      We have made shopping for new boat trailer tires easy, so choose us for your other boat part needs. We offer same-day shipping at a flat rate. Sign up for our Customer Loyalty Program and receive discounts on future purchases. It’s simple – give us a call at (877) 388-2628, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST.