Boat Cup Holders

      Boat Cup Holders

      Only a few years ago, cup holders in the family car were considered a novelty. Now no one can imagine their morning commute without their coffee cup safely secured in the center console or on the dash. Today, boat cup holders are a necessary item for every boat owner as well. Not only do they provide places all over your boat for passengers to secure beverages, but also for captains who want to pilot their boats and enjoy a cool beverage on a hot day.

      Wholesale Marine carries a wide assortment of boat cup holders for recreational boaters from brands you know, like Attwood, Boat Mates, RAM, Ronstan, Sea Dog, Taco, Texas Recreation, Whitecap Industries, Wise, and Yeti. We offer Stainless Steel Recessed Cup Holders with Drain to catch spills and the ingenious RAM Self-Leveling Cup Holder to avoid spills.Sea Dog provides a line of Adjustable Folding Drink Holders that fold flat when not in use and Sea Dog’s Recessed Drink Holders in different depths that can be installed in furniture and furnishings. Wise offers a collection of Double Drink Holders that attach to armrests and coordinate with onboard seating. And when you’re dining under the stars,Sea Sense offers the Accent Bezel LED Cup Holder so you’ll have no difficulty placing your drink in its holder in the dark.

      Boat Cup Holders for Dockside Entertaining

      Many boaters serve their passengers drinks and meals on their boats while at the Marina. We have Docktail’s Fully Custom Bar Caddy and Butler Bar to allow your guests to mix drinks and enjoy snacks. We even carry Cal-June No-Tip Drink Coasters that float for swimmers and others enjoying a dip off the starboard.

      Whatever you need for trailering or boating, even boat cup holders, call our knowledgeable staff at Wholesale Marine. We offer competitive pricing, and same day, flat rate shipping. Be sure to ask about our Loyalty Rewards program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine. We’re here Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Call us at (877) 388-2628 today!