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Marine Battery Charger Accessories

      • Marinco On-Board Charger Inlet - Black
        List Price: $29.49
        Starting At: $18.99

        Morinco's On-Board Charger Inlet (Black) 15A or 20A 125V straight blade inlet Low profile cap won't catch fishing line Mounts easily to fiberglass and aluminum hulls Perma-Lock terminals and color coded wire entrance holes make wiring a snap UV...

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      • Blue Sea Systems 7650
        List Price: $187.99
        Starting At: $131.99

        Blue Sea Systems Add-A-Battery Solenoid The ADD-A-BATTERY is as simple to operate as an ON-OFF switch, yet effectively manages the switching and charging of two batteries from a single charge source The Add-A-Battery includes a Dual Circuit Plus™...

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      • Marinco Connect Charge Inlet - Universal Mount
        List Price: $27.49
        Starting At: $17.49

        Marinco Universal Mount Connect Charge Inlet - 15A 125 Mount to dash from rear with threaded locking ring or from the front with three screws through the face plate Exclusive molded notch on plug locks into ConnectCharge inlet. For Use with Guest...

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      • Battery Charge Cable Extension
        List Price: $37.50
        Starting At: $31.99

        Battery charger cable extensions. Compatable with most battery chargers. Features: Fast and Easy installation Strong and secure Connectors Dual fused for ultimate safty Connection protected by double layer of heat shrink Sealed cable...

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      • Blue Sea Systems SI Series Automatic Charging Relay
        List Price: $124.99
        Starting At: $88.99

        Blue Sea Systems SI Series Automatic Charging Relay Features: Protects sensitive electronics by temporary isolation of house loads from engine circuit during engine cranking Designed for 12 or 24 volt systems 12/24 volt auto ranging voltage...

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      • Marinco Battery Direct Connect
        List Price: $25.99
        Starting At: $16.49

        Marinco's Battery Direct Connect Multi Connection Battery Terminals Product Features: Terminate up to four electronic instruments on each set of terminals. (ex. fish finder, depth sounder, gps, vhf radio, etc) Comes complete with quick-connect...

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      • ProMariner Universal DC Cable Extender Details
        List Price: $31.08
        Starting At: $21.99

        ProMariner Universal DC Cable Extender The ProMariner DC Cable Extender features a universal design for all marine chargers with ring terminal cables. Use these cable extenders with all on-board marine battery chargers when standard battery charger...

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      • ProMariner Universal AC Plug Holder+
        List Price: $14.99
        Starting At: $10.49

        ProMariner Universal AC Plug Holder+ The ProMariner Universal AC Plug Holder+ provides easy to reach and safe AC power cord connections. This plug holder has a universal design for all standard 120V AC plugs and is available in black or white. A plug...

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      • Xantrex Heart FDM-12-25 Remote Panel, Battery Status & Freedom Inverter\/Charger Remote Control
        List Price: $165.00
        Starting At: $123.99

        Battery Status and Freedom Inverter/Charger Remote ControlProvides Valuable Inverter/Charger System Monitoring and ControlThe Freedom Remote Control Panel (part#84-2056-01) allows you to control your Freedom Combi, Freedom 458 and Freedom Marine Series...

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      • Blue Sea BatteryLink Automatic Charging Relay - 12V/24V DC 120A
        List Price: $127.99
        Starting At: $86.99

        Blue Sea BatteryLink Automatic Charging Relay - 12V/24V DC 120A Features: 120 Amp continuous rating 12/24V DC auto ranging voltage input Senses charging on two battery banks Side and bottom knockouts for cable connections Clip-on cover insulates...

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      • Blue Sea Mini Automatic Charging Relay
        List Price: $86.49
        Starting At: $60.49

        Blue Sea M-Series Mini Automatic Charging Relay 65A The Blue Sea Mini Automatic Charging Relay is designed to manage the charging current from alternators up to 65 Amps found on most outboards and many inboard engines. The m-series charging relay...

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      • Garmin Lithium Ion Battery Pack f\/Rino 520 & 530
        List Price: $65.00
        Starting At: $60.99

        For extended outings with your Rino series unit, bring an extra Li-ion battery pack.WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more...

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      • Xantrex Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) f\/XC & TC2 Chargers
        List Price: $42.00
        Starting At: $32.99

        Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)Designed for use with TRUECharge2 battery chargers.The BTS mounts on a terminal post of a battery in a bank or on the side of a battery and measures its temperature. It sends precise information to the charger or charge...

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      • Xantrex TRUECHARGE2 Remote Panel f\/20 & 40 & 60 AMP (Only for 2nd generation of TC2 chargers)
        List Price: $100.00
        Starting At: $76.99

        TRUECHARGE™2 Remote PanelAdvanced Remote for Monitoring and Full Control of Battery Charger Performance.The TRUECHARGE™2 Remote Panel is designed for use with TRUECHARGE™2 Battery Chargers. This full-function remote allows you to...

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      • Xantrex Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP) f\/Freedom SW2012\/3012
        List Price: $255.00
        Starting At: $180.99

        Freedom SW Xanbus System Control Panel (SCP)809-0921Specifically designed to operate with the NEW Generation Freedom SW Inverter/Chargers (part# 815-2012 & 815-3012). Product DescriptionUse the System Control Panel for quick and comprehensive control of...

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      • Xantrex LinkPRO Battery Monitor
        List Price: $350.00
        Starting At: $253.99

        LinkPRO Battery MonitorBattery Status At A GlanceDefining the amount of energy available in a battery is a complex task since battery age, discharge current and temperature all influence the actual battery capacity. High performance measuring circuits,...

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      • Xantrex Prosine Remote Panel Interface Kit f\/1000 & 1800
        List Price: $72.00
        Starting At: $55.99

        Prosine Remote Panel Interface KitThe Xantrex Sine Wave Inverter Interface Panel allows the standard LCD panel to be removed and mounted remotely in the location of your choice. Supplied with 30' (10M) of telephone cable.Features:Standard Telephone Jack...

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      Battery Charger Accessories from Wholesale Marine include on board charger inlets, battery direct connects, cable extensions, automatic charging relays, tournament status monitors, and much more.