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      The Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) was formed in 1929 but it’s outboards and sterndrives became known as OMC’s in 1956 during the decade when recreational boating first surged in popularity. That was when OMC diversified its product line. On the recreational boating motors front, OMC invested in new technologies including its newer stern-drive engines, developed to power another corporate acquisition that produced 16-19 foot boats.

      Sterndrive or inboard-outboard motors proved to be as versatile as outboards (which outsold them 10-1) but with greater fuel economy and dependability. The problem in popularity proved to be the engines’ technological advances. Dealers at that time did not know how to maintain or to repair them! A quick series of crash courses in the field remedied that oversight. Sterndrives’ popularity continued to develop when they converted their engines to fuel injection, which enabled literal turnkey starts and increased fuel economy. When your vessel requires OMC sterndrive parts, know that Wholesale Marine will have what you require in stock and ready to ship.

      OMC Parts for Every Project from Start to Finish

      Wholesale Marine has your OMC sterndrive parts requirements covered. From replacement engines to oil lube and filters, Wholesale Marine carries everything you need: exhaust manifolds, ignition systems, starters and alternators, trim systems, fuel pumps and filters, transom and gimbal to small, but just as crucial, parts such as gaskets and seals. As your one-stop boating shop we also carry ignition wire, spark plug wires and boots, lubricants and sealants, in short, everything you or your boat mechanic or technician requires to get the job done right from start to finish!

      Wholesale Marine offers a comprehensive selection of OMC sterndrive parts from Sierra, CDI and factory OMC parts in stock and ready to ship. Use our convenient OMC Cobra Sterndrive Parts selector guide, or if you’d prefer personal and attentive service, just give our representatives a call. Once you become a Wholesale Marine customer, our selection, expertise, customer service, and Captain’s Club Rewards Program will make you a Wholesale Marine customer for life! For same day shipping and our low price guarantee, call today: (877) 388-2628.