Automatic Bilge Pumps

      Automatic Bilge Pumps

      Bilge pumps are that ounce of prevention that helps boat owners avoid a major insurance nightmare. In fact, automatic bilge pumps are required in boats over 20-feet long with sleeping accommodations. They literally work while you sleep so bilge pumps are considered lifesavers. Wholesale Marine recommends that you install these automatic sentinels in your boat, whatever its size for the safety and peace of mind they provide.

      That’s because the pumps are safety and warning devices that help boat owners to be fully prepared in case of the unthinkable: onboard leakage that could lead to your boat sinking. Automatic pumps detect when bilge fluids have exceeded safe levels, or in the case of a leak. Bilge pump float switches automatically activate the pump once the water level rises above a certain point and turns the pump off when the water level falls.

      Automatic Bilge Pumps for Every Boat!

      Wholesale Marine carries pumps that range in power from 500 all the way to 1500 GPH (gallons per hour). We carry the most reliable products from leading brands like Attwood, Johnson Pump, Rule, TRAC Outdoor and Whale Marine. Got a small craft? TRAC’s Automatic Bilge Pump displaces 600 GPH and is so reliable, it even runs dry! Supplement the pumps you that came standard with your boat with Whale Orca’s 2000 GPH Bilge Pump. It is compact and designed for bilge installation. Attwood’s Sahara Auto Bilge Pumps are available in 550-1100 GPH sizes and includes everything required for the install: the pump, wire, seals, strainer, and a switch.

      While automatic bilge pumps are convenient for all boats, we especially recommend them for coastal and offshore boats. Your boat will need several bilge pumps on board: automatic electric bilge pumps located in each compartment (bilge area) that can hold water, and a large manual pump for backup. Our service representatives will be glad to assist you to make sure your boat has adequate leakage protection.

      When you require anything for your boat, give us a call. Wholesale Marine stocks everything you need to keep your boat well-maintained and ready for your next voyage. Once you become a Wholesale Marine customer, our selection, experience, and customer service will keep you coming back, whenever you need us. For same day, flat-rate shipping and our low price guarantee, call us at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. Be sure to ask about our Captain's Club Rewards program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine.