Boat Fuel Lines & Hoses

      Boat Fuel Hoses

      The marine fuel lines and hoses in any boat’s fuel system are key to ensure the safe operation and performance of the craft. Fuel assembly components must be machined to the highest quality and be attached securely to prevent potentially dangerous fuel line leaks. Wholesale Marine carries the top names in marine fuel lines and hoses including Attwood, Tempo Marine, Moeller Marine, Sierra Marine Products, MPI, Bennett Marine, and Whitecap Industries. Wholesale Marine believes that a little knowledge about a couple of fuel hose-related issues will assist boaters to better understand their boat fuel hoses and when these or their components may need replacement.

      Directional Flow Issues

      Before each boating season, check to make sure that where the fuel hose connects to the tank that the arrow aligns with the direction the fuel flows. Installing or reinstalling a hose backwards is a common mistake. This is often overlooked or a clogged hose is blamed. Just look for the flow direction arrow whenever installing a fuel tank hose.

      Hose Check Valve Malfunction

      When there is plenty of fuel in the tank, but no hose pressure, troubleshoot the check valve:

      1) Remove the engine’s fuel hose connector and insert the end of a paper clip into the end
          with the steel ball.

      2) Remove (will likely have to replace) the metal hose clamp to inspect the tank connector plug.

      3) Check for suction at the tank end using a finger. If there is no suction, the check valve is faulty and requires replacement.

      When any component of a fuel line needs replacement, know that Wholesale Marine stocks bleeder hoses, siphons, valves, withdraw assemblies, clamps, tank vents, and marine fuel connectors: everything required to repair, replace, or maintain your marine fuel lines and hoses. Give us a call or try our user-friendly Parts Finder for help locating the correct parts yourself. We have the best selection, lowest price, and fast shipping for a $6.99 flat fee.

      Wholesale Marine has other benefits our customers appreciate, including our Captain’s Club Rewards program for additional savings the next time you shop with us, easy returns and great customer service from boating enthusiasts like yourselves. For questions or to place an order, call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.