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Boat Drain Plugs

      • TH Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug
        List Price: $7.71
        Starting At: $6.99

        T-H Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug This Push-in Plug from T-H Marine stops water in livewell or baitwell drains. Made from Marine Grade molded vinyl. Features double rings for positive seal. Sizes: PP-118 - For 1-1/8" Thru-Hull and...

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      • Sea Dog Snap Lock Baitwell Plugs
        List Price: $5.66
        Starting At: $4.99

        Sea Dog Snap Lock Baitwell Plugs Sea Dog's cam action rubber plugs snap shut to form a leak-proof seal for livewells and baitwells. A clockwise turn of the handle tightens the plug, and the brass lever snaps down to lock. The snap lock handle is...

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      • Sea Dog Formed Brass Drain Tube for 1" Drain Plug
        List Price: $6.99
        Starting At: $5.99

        Sea Dog Formed Brass Drain Tube for 1" Drain Plug This Sea Dog formed brass drain tube is flanged 90° on one end for use as a drain for transom, motorwell, livewell or baitwell applications. For use with brass or stainless steel drain plugs...

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      • Sea Dog "T" Handle Transom Drain Plug
        List Price: $5.99
        Starting At: $4.99

        Sea Dog "T" Handle Transom Drain Plug - 1" Sea Dog twist turn drain plug provides a leak-proof seal. Turn the T-Handle clockwise to lock in place and counter clockwise to release. Features stamped brass and nitrile rubber construction for corrosion and...

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      • Stainless Captive Garboard Drain & Plug
        List Price: $21.99
        Starting At: $17.49

        Sea Dog Stainless Captive Garboard Drain & Plug The Captive Garboard Drain & Plug is a direct replacement for the traditional style Sea-Dog Line bronze Garboards, part numbers 520040 and 520042. Investment cast 316 stainless...

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      Boat Drain Plugs

      Every hole in a boat’s hull or superstructure is an invitation for water to rush in and scuttle a craft. Therefore the term watertight is of great importance relative to any breach in the boat’s infrastructure, from portholes to boat drain plugs or for bilge pump systems. Marine plumbing matters. Wholesale Marine understands the importance of using only the best marine plumbing components, and has assembled a selection of quality boat plugs from Sea Dog, TH Marine, and Beckson Marine.

      Livewell, T-Handle Transom, and Screw-In Drain Plugs are available now for your bilge pump systems. Marine plumbing is our specialty, and Wholesale Marine is proud to carry brands that have proven their reliability, and durability. Wholesale Marine’s commitment has always been to provide our customers with complete peace of mind, no matter what boat part, system or component they are purchasing.

      We Carry All Types of Boat Drain Plugs

      We carry superior quality brass or stainless steel T-Handle Plugs, with or without chains. With an easy clockwise turn of the T- Handle, this tool will lock the drain plug securely in place. Our screw-In type drain plugs feature a self-cleaning thread design, O-ring, and super strength center retaining legs to secure the center while draining. These plugs are ideal for use on the transom of personal watercraft, small boats, fish wells, coolers, ice chests, water tanks, etc.Try our Cam action plugs that snap shut to form stoppers for live-wells or bait-wells. Take one along on your next fishing trip and you’ll never be without it!

      If you need Bilge drainage while hauling out, Garboard Drain Plugs from Sea Dog Marine and tapered pipe threads will ensure a tight fit. How to adjust your boat drain plugs? Sea Dog’s “Plugmate” Universal Drain Plug & Deck Plate Wrench fits most garboard drain plugs to ensure a watertight seal. By now you’ve gathered that Wholesale Marine carries everything our customers want for their boats at very competitive prices, including every type of boat drain plug. So, if you have a question about our selection of drain plugs or wish to place an order, just call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628. Order today and you’ll receive same day flat rate shipping. Be sure to ask your representative about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine.