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Boat Trailer Brakes

Wholesale Marine as all of your trailer braking needs with drum brakes, brake actuators, drum to disk conversion kits, replacement parts and disc brakes from Titan Dico Brakes and Tie Down Engineering.

Both systems work by the "surge" or "push" of the trailer toward the tow vehicle during deceleration which automatically synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes. As the trailer pushes against the vehicle, the actuator telescopes together and applies force to its master cylinder, supplying hydraulic pressure to the trailer brakes.

There are two different styles of backing plates, free backing and uni-servo. Free backing drum brakes don't require a lock out solenoid on the brake actuator where as the uni-servo do. We offer both versions for boat, utility, ATV, UTV, PWC, and lawn trailers. With lightning fast shipping and rock bottom prices, we can get you back on the road quick.