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Engine Parts

Marine Engine Parts

A well-maintained boat will provide years of reliable service. Wholesale Marine makes it easier than ever to maintain your craft and protect your investment. We carry nearly every major manufacturer (Honda, Evinrude, Mercruiser, Volvo, Mercury, Suzuki, Tohatsu, OMC, Yamaha and Johnson, just to name a few) and almost every part required to keep your boat’s mechanical systems on an even keel. From replacement engines down to oil, lube and filters, we have what you need. If you have been unsuccessful in tracking down the part your boat requires, use our Marine Engine Parts Finder to swiftly locate aftermarket replacement parts to get your craft back on the open water.

Spring is the time that most boaters turn their attention to engine maintenance, however routine maintenance is advised. Here are some preventative maintenance tips that can keep your engine running smoothly and your maintenance costs at a minimum:

  • To test, run your engine to ensure it is working properly.

  • Never run it dry.

  • Be sure that your fuel contains LESS than 10% ethanol (E10). Ethanol is known to damage engines.

  • Check all fluid levels, especially engine oil and top off if necessary.

  • Periodically check the fuel line looking for cracks.

  • Inspect the fuel primer pump; make sure it is still pliable, not dry and cracked.

  • Inspect the fuel-line fittings. Are they seated properly? Check for leaks here as well.

  • Check all fuel line clamps and replace if rusted or corroded.

  • Inspect the fuel tanks for corrosion.

  • Ensure that the tank vent is aspirating properly.

  • Always check for signs of water in the fuel.


Post Trip Maintenance After Every Trip:

  • Perform an engine flush:

                - Start the engine and allow the water pump to do the rest.

                - Check the water pump flow and water temperature.

                - If hot, water pump may be clogged. Clean with a piece of wire and test again.

                - If water is still hot, replace water pump.

  • Post engine flush, disconnect the fuel line and allow engine to burn off all the fuel in the carburetor.

  • Next, remove the engine cowl and check for water leaks.

  • Wipe down the engine and spray with WD-40.

  • If you will not be using your boat often, cover the engine with a canvas or plastic cover to prevent corrosion.

  • Always use fresh fuel.

Marine Engine Parts You Can Rely on from a Name You Can Trust: Wholesale Marine

When seeking to repair or upgrade your vessel, there are two kinds of parts available: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket. For relatively new boats, replacement marine engine parts may be available from the original manufacturer. Wholesale Marine stocks a vast inventory of replacement marine engine parts that will more than suffice for most boat owners. However, with the high cost of boat ownership, OEM parts may be too expensive. Also, when one’s craft has seen decades of service, OEM parts may no longer be available. For others who want to customize their craft, OEM parts may not provide the options they desire. Many of today’s aftermarket parts undergo the same quality testing as OEM parts, but may cost far less.

Regardless of the age or make of your craft, Wholesale Marine has the marine engine parts your boat requires. When you call us, you are speaking with a fellow boating enthusiast who knows and appreciates that you want your vessel up and running and in top shape. We offer same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Returns are easy and you’ll always receive the best customer service and advice. Be sure to ask about our Customer Loyalty Program for additional savings. Call us today at (877) 388-2628. 

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Low Price Guarantee