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Installation Guide for Davis Happy Troller

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Be sure you have the right model Happy Troller for your Boat!

Large Size fits all Inboard- Outboard motors 50hp and larger. Small Size fits 20-50hp.

  1. Remove the four 1/4in (64 mm) mounting bolts, washers,and nuts from package and retain for installation.
  2. Pull control handle and allow troll plate to move down into troll position. CAUTION: Troller is spring loaded do not pinch your fingers.
  3. Locate the anti-cavitation plate on your motor or outdrive. Its the wide flange directly above the propeller. Mount the Happy Troller on the underside when possible, but with some designs it must go on top
  4. With the troller plate locked in the down position, place Troller on the anti-cavitation plate and move as far forward as possible without causing interference with the Troller release mechanism. Prior to drilling, pull cord making sure the locking bar moves all the way forward to the end of its slots. Square up the Troller and use two small C clamps to hold it securely in place for drilling. Note- Use the two forward mounting holes and whichever two of the four rear holes that will work best on your application. On Volvo outdrives with hollow anti-cavitation plates,longer 1/4in x 2in (.65 x 5.1 cm) bolts than provided will be needed. CAUTION- Locate Troller so that rubber exhaust flap on older Volvos has clearance to fully open with the Troller locked in the down position.
  5. Using a 1/4in (6.5 mm) drill bit, and using punched hole as a guide and keeping bit square, drill straight through the anti-cavitation plate. Before proceeding to the next hole, insert a 1/4in (6.5 mm) bolt from the mount plate side and lightly tighten the nut and washer on the anti-cavitation plate side. Repeat this procedure for the three remaining holes. Tighten all four bolts, but The nylock nuts are self-locking and will not work loose. If the hole pattern in the Troller does not work for your anticavitation plate, feel free to drill new holes in the Happy Troller to obtain the best possible fit. Do not attempt to modify your anti-cavitation plate.
  6. Uncoil Troller cord and tie off securely in a convenient location, preferably in the center of the stern of your boat. Leave enough slack in the cord to permit full turn without accidental operation of the Troller, but tie short enough to prevent the cord from getting caught in the propeller

The information provided here has been reproduced courtesy of Davis. Wholesale Marine reproduced this information 08/05/2009.