Boat Anchor Rollers and Mounts

      Before boat anchor rollers were invented, dropping and weighing anchor often led to topside damage. Anchor rollers prevent damage to your boat since they provide a moving surface to allow users to stand wherever they can pull up the anchor and avoid collision with the hull, sides, or deck. Another plus is that the rollers’ design creates sufficient lead for the anchor rode so it does not abrade stem fittings or chocks. This rolling action eliminates chafing and will protect your investment.

      Other key components are anchor mounts. These cradle the anchor on the ship’s bow so it’s ready to be deployed. If your boat has a windlass, using an anchor mount is a given since these guide the anchor rode to the windlass gypsy. This configuration will also protect your hull and deck from being gouged and distressed by an anchor chain.

      Boat Anchor Rollers for Every Craft

      Boat Anchor Rollers, Mounts, and Locks from Wholesale Marine are durable and designed to withstand constant exposure to rough seas. Our universal mounts provide a great fit for shallow to deep water depths. We recommend that you lock your anchor in place to prevent rattling with our Stainless Steel Anchor Tensioners. These will easily accept any size chain or shackle

      Universal Self-Launching Bow Rollers have been designed for easy mounting, and are hinged with an inner-roller to allow for self-launching. Call our helpful customer service reps at (877) 388-2628 for assistance in selecting the anchor roller configuration that’s right for your boat.

      You’ll always save time and money as a Wholesale Marine customer. We offer a Captain's Club Rewards program and a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, trouble-free returns, great customer service and solid advice. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST, where our team of boating enthusiasts will be glad to help you out.