Clamp On Rod Holders

      Clamp on Rod Holders

      Fishermen know that theirs is a two-fisted sport- that is you need both hands to fish. Problem is, many of us fish solo and have the boat to pilot as well. Or, if on a fishing charter, need a way to ensure no two lines will become tangled. Enter clamp on fishing rod holders. These tools are ideal for trolling with a downrigger, when flat-lining, or even when you just want to find a few minutes to enjoy a thermos of hot coffee and a sandwich. Wholesale Marine has compiled a great selection of rod holders from brands you know like CE Smith, Lee’s Tackle, Perko Marine, Sea Dog Marine, TACO Marine, and Tigress

      Our clamp on rod holders are available in economical molded polypropylene, affordable epoxy-coated aluminum, and long wearing chromed stainless steel. The holders are sized to accommodate the outer dimensions of most deck rails, too. CE Smith’s Stainless Steel Adjustable Clamp on Rod Holder is a popular choice. Tigress makes a similar model, their 1” Polished SS Adjustable Clamp-On Rod Holder. It mounts either vertically or horizontally for greater flexibility.

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      If you are looking for a simple solution, try Sea Dog’s Injection Moulded Polypropylene Rail Mount Rod Holder. Its simple design allows for easy adjustments. NOTE: An additional safety line is recommended when using a rail mount holder. If your deck rail is ¾” - 1” Perko’s Chrome Clamp-On Fishing Rod Holder is a sound choice. Its design does not require drilling holes in the rail which makes repositioning much easier.

      We want you to be happy with your purchases from Wholesale Marine. That’s why we offer great selections on everything for your boat, including clamp-on rod holders, competitive pricing, flat rate, fast shipping, easy returns, and much more. Need a little help or want to talk shop? Just call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628. You’ll save even more by signing up for our Captain’s Club Rewards Program just ask your representative for details!