Jabsco Quiet Flush Compact Electric Toilet

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Jabsco Quiet Flush Compact Electric Marine Toilet 12V - Freshwater

The Jabsco Quiet Flush Compact Electric Toilet has a very quiet flush cycle, much like a household toilet. This compact toilet is smaller than standard sized toilets. The Quiet Flush toilet provides both quiet operation and user control of water levels in the toilet bowl. A single large push button switch provides a simple flush mode. An additional rocker switch offers independent control of the rinse water supply and discharge pump separately.

  • Single button flush actuator - with dual function water level control switch.
  • Can be plumbed to any pressurized water system that can provide a 3-1/2 GPM (13.5 LPM) flow rate.
  • Water control solenoid valve with anti-siphon breaker to prevent contamination of potable water supply.
  • White vitreous china bowl 
  • Baked enamel seat & cover
  • High capacity waste macerator and bowl discharge pump


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Fuse Size: 25A

Installation Instructions:

  • The toilet can be plumbed to any pressurized water system that can provide a minimum of 3-1/2 GPM. It must be connected to a pressurized system that normally remains on at all times while the vessel is in use.
  • To make the water connection, shut off the water system pump and open one of the system faucets or fixtures to drain the pressure from the system. Select an appropriate tee type fitting that can be installed in the existing pressurized water system and will provide a 1/2" hose barb to feed water to the toilet.
  • Install the tee fitting at a location on the pressurized water system that provides convenient connection to the toilet's solenoid valve/siphon breaker assembly. If the toilet is being connected to the vessel's fresh water system and the vessel may be connected to an unregulated city water supply, it is recommended that a valve be installed in the toilet water supply line ahead of the solenoid valve/siphon breaker to regulate the flow rate of incoming pressurized city water.
  • The solenoid valve/siphon breaker should be positioned a minimum of six inches above the hose connection at the back of the toilet bowl (at all angles of heel and trim) and located as close to the toilet as possible. It must be installed in a vertical position with the hose barb connections pointing down.
  • The solenoid/valve breaker bracket should be secured to a solid mounting surface with four screws. If the valve assembly is attached to a wood surface, 3/8" long screws are generally adequate to support the weight of the valve assembly. If desired, the valve assembly may be installed inside a cabinet or locker to conceal it from view of the vessel's occupants. 
  • To provide a clean sanitary appearance inside the head area, a six foot section of smooth white hose is provided with the toilet to connect the toilet bowl spud fitting to the siphon breaker outlet hose barb.
  • The solenoid valve inlet hose barb is then connected with 1/2" reinforced vinyl hose suitable for pressurized water to the tee fitting installed in the water system line. 
  • All pressurized water system connections should be secured with stainless steel band type hose clamps.
  • The 3/4" hose connecting the siphon breaker to the bowl should be secured with a band clamp at the siphon breaker to prevent it from being accidentally dislodged, but generally does not need a hose clamp to secure it to the bowl spud fitting unless desired for added security.
  • The discharge port includes a 1" hose barb and should be plumbed with 1" hose to an on board holding tank or, if appropriate, to an overboard discharge through hull. 
    • Note: A 1" to 1-1/2" barbed hose adapter is provided to adapt a 1" discharge hose to 1-1/2" hose, if desired.
  • If the toilet is below the waterline and is plumbed to an overboard discharge through hull, the discharge plumbing must include a vented loop positioned so it remains above the waterline at all angles of heel and trim. 
    • Note: Total discharge head should not exceed 4 feet.
  • To retain water in the bowl, the discharge hose should be looped upward about eight to ten inches above the base of the toilet and as near to the toilet as can be practically accomplished without creating an unsightly plumbing situation. 

California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov




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