Mercruiser Specialty Tools

      • Sierra 18-9781 Gear Lube Pump
        List Price: $15.49
        Starting At: $10.43

        Sierra 18-9781 Lower Unit Gear Lube Pump Make changing your gear lube a snap with this handy gear lube pump. Quart size application is perfect for most marine drives Attaches to quart gear lube bottle and then screws into your lower unit. For use...

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      • Sierra Marine 18-9844 Tapered Insert Tool
        List Price: $29.99
        Starting At: $19.95

        Mercruiser Tappered Insert Tool by Sierra Installs Tapered Insert Retainer Into Water Inlet Hose On All Bravo Drive Units Replaces: Mercury - 91-43579 Pro Marine - 18-9844  

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      • Sierra 18-4442 Engine Alignment Tool Replaces 91-805475A1
        List Price: $154.49
        Starting At: $117.49

        Engine Alignment Tool for Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Used to verify engine alignment on the following: All MC-I, R-MR, Alpha 1, Alpha One/Gen 2 drives All Bravo drives All OMC Cobra drives Replaces: Mercruiser OEM 91-805475A1, 91-57797A3, 91-37384,...

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      • Sierra 18-9806E Shift Cable Tool
        List Price: $38.99
        Starting At: $28.45

        Mercruiser Shift Cable Tool by Sierra Installs and removes shift cables on Mercruiser MC-1, R-MR, Alpha One, Alpha One/Gen Two drive units. Use with 18-2190 and 18-2190E cables. Interchangeable with: Mercruiser Stern...

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      • Sierra 18-9847 Bellows Expander Tool Replaces 91-45497A1
        List Price: $67.99
        Starting At: $47.46

        Sierra 18-9847 Mercruiser Bellows Expander Tool Installs exhaust bellows on Mercruiser MC-I, R-MR, Alpha One, Bravo One and Two and Blackhawk drive units. Replaces: Mercury 91-45497A1 Mallory 9-79811 GLM 90360 Pro...

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      • CDI Inline Spark Tester
        List Price: $30.00
        Starting At: $18.45

        CDI Inline Spark Tester Product Description: Inline Spark Tester Sealed design reduces possibility of fire Can be used inline to the spark plug or connect to the engine ground for cranking speed test Replaces: Spark Tester  

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      • Sierra 18-9801 Multimeter-DVA Tester Replaces Mercury 91-99750A1
        List Price: $134.99
        Starting At: $94.99

        Sierra 18-9801 Multimeter-DVA Tester Includes VOA meter with built-in direct voltage adapter. Tests electrical and ignition systems A must for testing Mercury ignition systems Interchangeable with: Chrysler/Force/US...

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      • CDI Spark Tester
        List Price: $225.00
        Starting At: $184.09

        CDI Stevens Deluxe Spark Tester Product Description: Spark Tester has adjustable open spark and can be divided into two sections when testing.  NOTE: Replacement spark plug wire tips – order P/N: 519-48TA, Metric Adapters order P/N:...

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      • Sierra 18-9802 Timing Light Replaces Mercury 91-99379
        List Price: $204.49
        Starting At: $142.99

        Timing Light for Johnson & Evinrude/OMC- Special Order est. 10 Day Applications: Self Powered accurate up to 10,000 rpm's Replaces: Mallory 9-79802 Mercury 91-99379

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      Mercruiser Tools

      When you find yourself making those do-it-yourself repairs to your Mercruiser engine, some of the best tools for the task can be found right here at Wholesale Marine. We carry an all-inclusive selection of Mercruiser tools for those special jobs, getting the task done quicker, and you out where we want to be the most.

      Fulfilling Your Checklist

      Every boating enthusiast desires to be hands-on with each repair and upgrade on their biggest investment. No matter the size of the job, its the ownership over our craft that drives us to get it done to the best of our ability whenever possible, ensuring our craft is in tip-top shape and working at maximum performance. Before you get started on any project, be sure that your checklist is fulfilled with our list of specialty tools meant for that Mercruiser job. CDI Electronics, Mercury, and Sierra Marine are all dependable brands represented right here. Spark testers, bellows expander, engine alignment tool, timing light, and gear lube pump are just a few of the items that we carry in our Mercruiser tools selection.

      From bellow adhesive to tapered insert tool, we’ve got all of your Mercruiser tools right here at Wholesale Marine. We want you to walk away from this and every purchase satisfied. We offer a low price guarantee, easy returns, and shipping perks on all of our products. Not only that, but we provide you with excellent customer service from our top-notch team full of real boating enthusiasts with over 500 years of combined experience. Join our Captain’s Club loyalty rewards program to earn points on this and other purchases.