Pettit Specialty Tie Coat Metal Primer

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Pettit 6627 Specialty Tie Coat Metal Primer

Pettit's 6627 Tie Coat Primer is a general purpose, chlorinated rubber primer for use on metal surfaces and as a tie coat between different types of coatings. This versatile product can be used successfully above and below the waterline. When used over Pettit Metal Primer, it forms an excellent, easy to use system for use on all underwater running gear. It is compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints and Pettit, Z*Spar, and Shipendec topside paints. 6627 Tie Coat Primer can also be used on new and bare wood on boat bottoms to seal the wood before applying an antifouling paint.


  • Can be used as a metal primer or as a tie coat.
  • Compatible with all Pettit antifouling bottom paints as well as all Pettit topside paints.
  • Smooth finish provides an excellent bonding surface for topcoats.
  • Recommended above and below the waterline.


  • Finish: Flat
  • Number of Coats: 1 or 2
  • Coverage: 225 ft2/gal. (spray), 280 ft2/gal. (brush or roller)
  • Pack Size: 1 US Quart
  • VOC: 562 grams/liter (4.69 lbs/gal) (max) 

Associated Products:

Pettit's Epoxy Thinner: To thin, if necessary.

6980 Rustlok Primer: For bare steel applications

How to Apply Pettit 6627 Tie Coat Primer

Pettit Tie Coat Primer is heavily loaded with protective ingredients. As a result, there is a tendency for settling to occur, especially if the paint has been on the shelf for several months. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using.

  • Application Methods: Brush, roller, airless or conventional spray
  • Number of Coats: 1 to 2 coats
  • Finish: Flat
  • Coverage: 225 ft2/gal. (spray), 280 ft2/gal. (brush or roller)
  • Dry Film Thickness: 2 mils (spray), 2.5 mils (brush or roller)
  • Application Temp: 5°F Min / 100°F Max

Dry Times:

    To Recoat   To Topcoat
  90°F   1 hr   2 hrs
  70°F   2 hrs   4 hrs
  50°F   4 hrs   8 hrs
  30°F   8 hrs   16 hrs

Application Information

  • Shake or stir the 6627 Tie Coat Primer thoroughly.
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Thinning is not required for brush or roller application, however, small amounts of 97 Epoxy Thinner may be used if necessary.

Surface Preparation

  • Previously Painted Fiberglass Surfaces (Old Tin Copolymers)
    • Surface must be dry, clean, and free of any contamination or foreign matter.
    • High pressure wash, scrub, then sand the old bottom paint with 80 grit sandpaper.
    • Apply one coat of 6627 Tie Coat Primer to seal the tin copolymer bottom paint.
    • Allow 6627 Tie Coat Primer to dry 4 hours and apply antifouling paint.
  • Outdrives
    • Scuff existing paint and primer with 80 grit sandpaper, then solvent clean surface with 120 Brushing Thinner.
    • Apply two coats of 6627 Tie Coat Primer, allowing proper dry times between coats before sanding lightly.
    • Apply appropriate antifouling paint.
  • Antifouling Bottom Paint
    • All Pettit antifouling paints may be applied over 6627 Tie Coat Primer.
    • Allow Tie Coat proper drying time prior to applying bottom paint.
  • Bare Steel
    • Sandblast or disc sand to a clean, bright finish then remove residue.
    • Immediately apply two coats of 6980 Rustlok Primer and allow to tack dry.
    • Follow with two coats of Tie Coat Primer, allowing proper dry time between coats.
    • Apply finish coats.
  • Bare Wood
    • Sand entire surface with 80 grit paper.
    • Wash clean with 120 Brushing Thinner.
    • Apply a coat of Tie Coat Primer thinned 25% with 97 Epoxy Thinner.
    • Allow an overnight dry, lightly sand, and wipe clean.
  • Topside Finishes
    • All Pettit topside finishes are compatible with Tie Coat Primer.
    • If surface is sufficiently smooth, Pettit enamels may be applied directly over Tie Coat Primer.
    • If the surface needs additional smoothing, use 6149 EZ Prime as a base over Tie Coat Primer.
    • Follow with the topside product of your choice.

pdficon.png Click to Download Pettit Tie Coat Primer Application Instructions

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