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Raritan C.H. Cleans Hoses f/Tanks MSD - 1 Quart

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C.H. Cleans Hoses for Tanks & MSD - 1 Quart

C.H. dissolves scale and calcium build-up and adds life to your boat's sanitation system while providing less maintenance and less cost over time. C.H. is specifically designed to remove uric scale and calcium carbonate from black water systems - from the toilet to the holding tank - without having to remove hoses. Simply pour the recommended mixture in, allow to sit in hoses or tanks and let it go to work! By properly maintaining all connections and hoses it can save hours of messy work trying to unclog a system. A typical 1 ½” hose can be completely filled up within just a few years of use. Hoses can become so built up to the point where there is less than ¼” of space for anything to move through. Regular checking of build up and cleaning of hoses can prevent a situation where nothing leaves the toilet!


  • Dissolves clogs which can cause odors and poor flushing performance
  • Non toxic, biodegradable and safe to use with all materials commonly found in black water systems
  • Safe and effective alternative to hazardous muriatic acid treatments
  • Recommended for Lectra/San and Electroscan systems


  • Type: Bilge & Holding Tank
  • Box Dimensions: 10"H x 3"W x 3"L WT: 3.5 lbs
  • UPC: 085462040856

Brochure (pdf)

California Residents: warning sign WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -




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