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Taco Starboard Marine Lumber

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Taco Starboard Marine Lumber

When it comes to replacing wood, laminates or plastic accessories on boats, or creating new ones, leading boat experts know they can count on TACO’s Marine Lumber to last the lifetime of the boat.

Starboard Marine Lumber is a UV-stabilized marine grade polymer sheet with excellent resistance to sun and saltwater and is the ideal material to produce such features and accessories as electronic boxes, cabinets, tool holders, cup holders, rod holder racks and more. Starboard Marine Lumber is used by boat manufactures all over the world new from the factory. If you can dream it Starboard marine lumber can be used to build it. Marine Lumber will not rot, delaminate, swell or splinter, and the matte texture requires no painting, finishing or maintenance. It can also be easily cut, routed shaped and drilled with standard woodworking tools. 

Marine Lumber is not a structural material. The framing or structure it is attached to must be able to withstand any stress or load it may be subject to. Marine Lumber is an excellent product to make non load bearing products with such as, electronic boxes, cabinet doors, fish or bait boxes, instrumentation panel, cutting boards, seat backs and shower floor or walkway floor that does not need to be sealed.

Starboard Lumber can not be glued using standard adhesives. Products like 3M’s 5200 work well as a water sealing caulk but will not adhere Marine Lumber to itself or other materials in a permanent bond. It is preferable to mechanically fasten Marine Lumber.

Features & Benefits

  • UV-stabilized marine grade Polymer specifically designed to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Excellent resistance to sun and salt water
  • Ideal wood replacement for cabinets, dock and step boxes
  • Easily drilled, cut and routed
  • Textured surface


  • Cabinets
  • Shelves
  • Hatches & Doors
  • Table Tops
  • Rod Holder Racks
  • Leaning Posts
  • Bait Wells
  • Shower Floors
  • Seat Backs

Starboard Marine Lumber is offered in 3 colors (White, Seafoam, Black) & 3 thicknesses (1/4", 1/2" & 3/4"). 


Q. How should Marine Lumber be supported?
A. Marine Lumber should be supported every 15 inches in both directions

Q. Can Marine Lumber be used to replace a deck?
A. Marine Lumber is not recommended for decking because its expansion and contraction rate would cause any caulking material used to seal it to break free.

Q. Can Marine Lumber be painted?
A. Marine Lumber was designed so that virtually nothing will stick to it and that includes paint.

How to Clean Starboard Lumber

Marine Lumber is very chemically resistant and most common detergents and cleaners work well. You can use a nylon “scrubby” or stiff bristle nylon brush but care should be taken because excessive force can mar the finish.

Bleach can be applied and allowed to soak to help lift persistent stains. Pressure washing is also an acceptable method of cleaning. To clean a petroleum problem such as grease or oil, use citrus cleaner, alcohol, or mineral spirits. Care must be taken to avoid contact with pencil lead or prolonged contact with teak oil and other oil based products as these do not clean well and may cause staining.

Furniture polish or products such as Armor-All® can add an attractive luster to the finish and hide small mars on the product’s surface.

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