Restoring Your Pontoon Boat the Right Way

Restoring Your Pontoon Boat the Right Way

Those who own pontoon boats know the unique pride of ownership felt while they enjoy a day on the water with family and friends. These relatively low-cost craft are easy to use and to maintain. If you are considering boat ownership, a pontoon vessel is a great place to start. For the DIYer in all of us, know that there are a good selection of pre-owned, sea-worthy pontoon craft available that need your personal touch. And that a consultation with a fellow boating enthusiast at Wholesale Marine will enable you to bring your pontoon boat dream to reality. We stock a great selection of pontoon boat seats, pontoon ladders, steering kits and accessories. Additionally, we can advise you on the best maintenance and repair products for your project and your boat.

What to Look For in Used Pontoon Boats

Floatation is a critical element to every vessel. Pontoon logs (also called sponsors, pontoons or tubes) that keep pontoon boats afloat. Pontoons may be made from fiberglass or aluminum, however metal is the preferred material for durability. Here are some other pointers when reviewing a craft you are considering buying:

  • Tubes: Be sure to check the tubes valve stems to make certain these are not clogged and the fins for signs of wear or damage that might require welding to repair.
  • Next go topside and check the railings to ensure these are not wobbly, which could mean an expensive repair.
  • Is the trim intact? Replacement could be preferable to trying to match a length of missing trim.
  • Examine the deck. Are the timbers sound? If the deck is spongy, it could mean the wood has rotted.
  • Figure on replacing any carpet, as mold spores may be present.
  • Survey the steering console and be sure to turn the wheel. Difficult steering may indicate the system requires replacement.
  • Even if the battery is not in service, check all the switches for lighting, horn and accessories.
  • Do the gauges work? You may have to ask the owner and obtain his response in writing.
  • If the boat comes with a motor, ask for its service records to ensure it has been well maintained.
  • Trailers for pontoon boats are always a bonus,- that is if they are in good working order. Check the tires, wheel rims, lights and winch.

Once you have agreed on a price and trailered your trophy home, give us a call. Well be glad to discuss how you can optimize your craft for hours of pleasure on the water for years to come. Wholesale Marine is your one-stop shop for every necessity and accessory for pontoon boats. Restoring or updating your pontoon boat? Don't forget lighting! From underwater and docking and all-important navigation lights, Wholesale Marine has great choices when updating your pontoon craft. From captains chairs to lounge furniture, we offer seating and helms by Wise to upgrade any pontoon boat to showroom new condition. If you are replacing your boats helm, it would be a convenient time to also replace your steering system. Teleflex steering kits and components are our recommendation to replace worn out or stiff steering systems.

What about a few cosmetic fixes to make your new boat truly yours? New Lancer pontoon carpeting will also help your pontoon boat look great. Available in a variety of weights, colors and designs one is certain to be just what you and your restoration budget require. Toon-Brite is a great product that will make your pontoons shine as they did when new. Check out our comprehensive selection today from the top manufacturers! You can depend on same day shipping and the lowest prices on the web, guaranteed! Don't see what you are looking for? Give us a call toll-free weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.