Boating Basics: What is a Hydrofoil?

Boating Basics: What is a Hydrofoil?

Hydrofoils are a device that stabilizes your boat by lifting the stern and lowering the bow. They attach to your outboard motor or outdrive cavitation plate. Hydrofoils are also especially helpful in preventing your vessel from bouncing or “porpoising”. These attachments act as a lifting surface that help get your boat up to plane quicker, resulting in faster acceleration and less strain on your motor.

At Wholesale Marine we supply all types of hydrofoils, Stingray being our biggest manufacturer. Their hydrofoils are made in the USA and we carry a variety of models ranging from 9.9 HP to 300 HP. So now that you know what they are, you may be wondering how they work. No worries, we have that covered.

Stingray Hydrofoils

How does a hydrofoil work?

A hydrofoil works by getting your boat up to plane faster and creating less contact with the water. When you attach the device to your motor, it lifts the stern which helps to force the bow down. This happens because the water on top of the hydrofoil moves faster than the water below.

Not only does the boat get up to plane quicker, it allows you to accelerate at a faster rate. As a result, there is less pressure placed on the front of the boat, less strain on the motor, ensuring a smoother ride.

Benefits of installing a hydrofoil

Installing a hydrofoil on your motor has multiple benefits that can better your ride. As mentioned before, one advantage is you get on the plane faster. Another benefit is they help you save fuel since you are not plowing through the water. In contrast, when there is no hydrofoil, there is more pressure drag from the hull as speed increases. This means more momentum is needed and more fuel is burned.

Since there is less strain on your motor, hydrofoils can even lead to a longer life for your motor. They can even reduce cavitation and ventilation, leading to less damage on your engine and propeller, giving you a smoother ride.

Hydrofoils feature many advantages that give you a smoother and better ride all together. They stabilize your boat, allow you to go faster, and help you save fuel. Now that you’re convinced to invest in a hydrofoil, check out our collection of Boat Hydrofoils to find the perfect fit for you. If you have any questions, our boating experts are happy to help Monday-Friday from 9AM-4PM.