Boat Cleaning Supplies

      • 3M Marine Fiberglass Cleaner & Wax
        List Price: $23.21
        Starting At: $20.43

        3M Marine Fiberglass Cleaner & Wax 3M brings a product to help reduce your work time by combining their liquid formula with a special blend of waxes. In one go you can restore the shine to your vessel and add a layer of protection. The formula...

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      • 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner & restorer
        List Price: $18.34
        Starting At: $16.14

        3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer Keep your boat seats looking brand new with 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer. Vinyl can take a beating, weather its from UV rays, the sun, water, and extreme temperatures. 3M brings the solution to clean dirt...

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      • Starbrite Vinyl Brite Vinyl Protector
        List Price: $20.99
        Starting At: $12.99

        Starbrite Vinyl Brite Vinyl Protector 16 ounce Vinyl Brite cleans and restores old vinyl to a like new appearance while leaving a protective coating to prevent future weathering. Contains UV inhibitors to screen out sun's damaging rays, helps prevent...

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      • Meguiar's Fiberglass Boat Polish
        List Price: $17.99
        Starting At: $9.70

        Creates a brilliant high gloss finish Restores optimal gloss on fiberglass and painted surfaces after cleaning Restores valueable oils to feed and nourish the fiberglass or painted surfaces Especially effective on dark colors

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      • Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment
        List Price: $18.49
        Starting At: $11.49

        Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment The Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment fits all Starbrite Extend-A-Brush Premium Handles. This boat hook is constructed of unbreakable glass reinforced nylon for years of trouble-free use. The special design makes for...

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      • Starbrite Ultimate Carpet Cleaner
        List Price: $15.99
        Starting At: $9.72

        Starbrite Ultimate Marine Carpet Cleaner Use Starbrite Stain Buster Rug Cleaner to dissolve oil stains, grease, fish blood, and dirt from your boat's carpet. This carpet cleaner is formulated to work on all carpets including boat, RV, car, and home...

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      • Shurhold Dual Action Polisher Scrubber Pads
        List Price: $8.38
        Starting At: $6.98

        Shurhold Dual Action Polisher Scrubber Pads Dual Action Polisher Scrubber Pads. Turn your Shurhold Polisher into an aggressive power scrubber. Great for working on all types of surfaces and projects. Fine (White) for delicate surfaces. Medium (Blue)...

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      • Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Wax
        List Price: $19.49
        Starting At: $11.99

        Starbrite Non-Skid Deck Wax This Starbrite non-skid deck wax contains UV inhibitors and stain-repelling agents that keep your deck looking great without making it slippery and dangerous. This formula can be used on all fiberglass surfaces, textured or...

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      • Meguiar's Clear Plastic Detailer and Residue Remover
        List Price: $12.99
        Starting At: $7.03

        Meguiar's Clear Plastic Detailer and Residue Remover Meguair's Clear Plastic Detailer is a quick spray and wipe product for all types of clear plastics from CDs to convertible windows. Non-abrasive formula removes smudges and residue without scratching...

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      • Shurhold Brite Wash - 32 oz
        List Price: $14.49
        Starting At: $11.98

        Shurhold Brite Wash Brite Wash is scientifically formulated to clean fiberglass, clear coat, metal, rubber and painted surfaces. Cleans dirt, grease, salt and more without dulling your finish or stripping your wax or polish. Works Great On: Boats,...

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      • Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound for Heavy Oxidation
        List Price: $17.49
        Starting At: $10.99

        Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound for Heavy Oxidation Starbrite liquid formula rubbing compound designed for heavy duty applications. This compound restores original shine and color by removing chalk and oxidation from fiberglass, metal, and painted...

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      • Swobbit Universal Boat Hook
        List Price: $12.81
        Starting At: $11.53

        Swobbit Universal Boat Hook The Swobbit Universal Boat Hook is a multi-purpose tool for boaters, aiding in dock line retrieval, recovering over-oared items and as a push pole for safer docking. This universal boat hook is made of strong UV-resistant...

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      • Swobbit Medium 7.5" Brush
        List Price: $31.08
        Starting At: $20.45

        Swobbit Soft 7.5" Flagged Brush The Swobbit Soft 7.5" Flagged Brush is the perfect brush for cleaning teak and non-skid decks. Also great for cleaning canvas and cushions. Made with 7.5" wide molded poly block and premium quality flared bristle set with...

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      • Swobbit Sheepskin Replacement Bonnet
        List Price: $20.42
        Starting At: $13.45

        Swobbit Sheepskin Replacement Bonnet Replacement genuine sheepskin bonnet for the Swobbit Sheepskin Soft Washing Tool w/ Uni-Snap (SWB-SW19140). Safe for all finishes, including paint, fiberglass, windows and enclosures. This bonnet can hold...

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      • Toon-Brite Fiberglass Boat Cleaner
        List Price: $30.75
        Starting At: $16.95

        Toon-Brite Fiberglass Boat Cleaner The Toon-Brite Fiberglass Boat Cleaner is an easy to use spray-on boat hull & bottom cleaner. Use Toon-Brite's Fiberglass Boat Cleaner to remove scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains from most...

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      • Sudbury Miracle Coat Zipper & Snap Wax
        List Price: $7.25
        Starting At: $4.99

        Miracle Coat Zipper & Snap WaxGreat for both plastic and metal: canvas boat snaps, zippers, hinges, locks, luggage and wet suit zippers. One application lasts up to three months, non toxic, biodegradable, protects against corrosion and salt spray. Easy...

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      • Yeti Loadout 5 Gallon Bucket
        List Price: $47.99
        Starting At: $39.99

        Yeti Loadout 5 Gallon Bucket The Yeti Loudout bucket is a 5-Gallon, all-purpose bucket built tough for use outdoors. This versatile bucket is high-impact resistant, and constructed from high-density polyethylene. Whether you're using it to haul your...

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      • Shurhold Scrubber Pad - Medium
        List Price: $8.98
        Starting At: $7.48

        Shurhold Scrubber Pad - Fine/Medium/Coarse Each texture is sold as a 2-pack, and the base is sold separately. These pads fit the Shurhold Swivel Pad Base (#1700) Fine: (Item# 1701) White Pad for light teak cleaning, scrubbing non skid surfaces &...

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      • Babe's Boat Bubbles Boat Wash
        List Price: $8.95
        Starting At: $7.49

        Babe's Boat Bubbles Boat Wash Concentrate Babe's Boat Bubbles is an easy to use, high-sudsing boat wash concentrate. Boat Bubbles is formulated specifically for gelcoat to wash away the grime and marine build-up without stripping wax or sealants. This...

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      • Starbrite Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner - Protector
        List Price: $20.99
        Starting At: $12.99

        Starbrite Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner & Protector Starbrite's Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner is a heavy duty formula that removes dirt, grime, scuff marks and oxidation stains. This cleaner works on all Hypalon, PVC, fiberglass,...

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      Boat Cleaning Supplies

      Your boat is a considerable investment. Keeping it clean will ensure years of comfort and recreation for you and your passengers. From hull to stern, some of the areas above and below deck and their finishes get a workout during every voyage. They can become stained from food and beverage spills. Or swimmers can track sand and silt from muddy river bottoms across your decking. Portholes and windscreens can also become streaked with salt spray.

      When you dock after a day at sea, take the time to wash your boat. If you boat in saltwater, rinse your boat’s exterior with fresh water after every outing. This will remove any salt residue which corrodes metal hardware and, long-term, your boat’s gelcoat. A good marine boat wash product is best. New boat owners can benefit from using Meguiar’s New Boat Owner Starter Kit. It includes all the products needed to protect your boat’s finish and takes the guesswork out of buying boat cleaning supplies.

      Protect Your Investment with Wholesale Marine’s Boat Cleaning Supplies!

      Wholesale Marine recommends starting with Starbright Salt Off with PTEF, which removes far more salt residue than water alone. With a little elbow grease and the right products, however, you can keep your craft looking showroom new. If your craft is fiberglass,Toon-Brite Fiberglass Boat Cleaner will ensure that your gelcoat is well-protected. Just apply and rinse off. All it takes is a few boat cleaning supplies from Wholesale Marine.

      If a hot and humid summer has left mildew stains on your seating, use Starbrite Mildew Stain Remover to remove it completely. For mold and mildew on vinyl and plastic seating, we recommend Flitz’ Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration kit as well as Meguiar’s Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner. Children and pets can also be particularly hard on boat furniture. Starbrite Boat Scuff Erasers will remove most marks and their concentrated Vinyl Cleaner and Shampoo will eradicate set-in stains. Once you’ve cleaned your seating’s canvas and fabric upholstery, protect it against future stains with 303 Aerospace Fabric Guard Water Repellant or Starbright’s Fabric Waterproofing with PTEF.

      Wholesale Marine carries every product you’ll need to keep every surface of your boat clean. We also have surface protectant products to ensure that future maintenance tasks will be minimized. If you do not see what you are looking for or wish to place an order for boat cleaning products, just give us a call Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628