Boat Heaters & Dehumidifiers

      • Davis Air-Dryr Marine Dehumidifier
        List Price: $65.93
        Starting At: $39.95

        Davis Air-Dryr Marine Dehumidifier Air-Dryr is an inexpensive and effective way to fight moisture problems, cold drafts, and corrosion. Designed to operate anywhere, 24 hours a day. Place Air-Dryr on the floor in any damp, enclosed space and plug into a...

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      • Caframo Stor-Dry 9406CAABX
        List Price: $83.99
        Starting At: $68.45

        The Stor-Dry low wattage warm air circulator is the "must have" product for the winterization season. The model 9406 Stor-Dry combats mold, mildew and musty odors in any boat that is closed up or winterized. This dual action air dryer uses a low wattage...

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      • True North Cabin Heater
        List Price: $95.08
        Starting At: $69.45

        A 600, 900 and 1500 watt electric space heater. Equipped with a 2 speed fan, 3 heat settings, a thermostat control and an Anti-freeze setting. Durable powder coated finish. CSA Approved. Made in Canada. Five year warranty. Also available with an ALCI...

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      • Pali Heater
        List Price: $263.99
        Starting At: $153.95

        Caframo Pali 400W Engine Compartment Heater Extend the boating season and protect your engine against surprise cold snaps prior to winterization. The Pali utilizes a self-regulating PTC heating element that cannot overheat. It meets all ignition...

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      • Caframo DeltaMAX 120V Portable Space Heater
        List Price: $40.98
        Starting At: $37.29

        Caframo DeltaMAX 120V Portable Space Heater This heater is a top choice among many. Built for extreme durability and long lasting use, this heater is equipped with overheat protection and an automatic shutoff when needed. The Space Heater also features...

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      • Xtreme Heater 600W Engine Compartment Heater
        List Price: $450.00
        Starting At: $405.00

        XTREME Heater 600Bilge heaters built with new technology makes Xtreme the smart choice for the serious boater.BTU: 2050 to 2725Cubic Ft: 675Wattage: 600-800+Exit Air Temp: 245The core of the Xtreme Heater is a heating element that is self-regulated at a...

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      Boat Heaters and Dehumidifiers

      Moisture and damp are your boat’s enemies. Too much moisture or chill can make your passengers uncomfortable as well. Fortunately, no boating detail is too small for Wholesale Marine. We carry a wide range of boat heaters and dehumidifying products to make your craft comfortable, as well as mold and mildew-resistant. We carry products from brands you’ll recognize such as Xtreme Heaters, Starbrite, Davis Instruments, and Caframo. Remember, we ship most orders the same day, so you’ll have your products in no time!

      Trying to take the chill out of mornings on board? Try True North’s Cabin Heater. It requires little space and features three heat settings. Its steel casing makes it durable, too. Need something to warm a larger space? Caframo Pali has a 400 Watt Engine Compartment Heater that will extend your boating season and protect your boat’s engine in the event of a sudden cold snap. Our top of the line boat heater is made by Xtreme Heaters and features 450 Watts of Power to keep your engine compartment fully functional in the early and late boating season.

      Rid Your Boat of Chill and Damp Conditions

      Moisture that does not wick away can lead to mildew and mold conditions. The Davis Air-Dryer Marine Dehumidifier controls damp conditions on deck and below. This economical dryer plugs into any 110/120-volt outlet and provides protection 24/7/365. It is available in two sizes for every size boat.  On land or sea, Starbrite’s No Damp, does just that. This plastic bucket fits on any shelf or ledge, and contains pellets to absorb moisture from the air. Try Starbrite’s reusable No Damp Ultra Dome and just replace the pellets season after season.

      When it is time for new heating components and drying products, Wholesale Marine has the boat heaters, in fact we carry almost any replacement part or upgrade your boat requires. When you call us, you are speaking with a fellow boating enthusiast who knows and appreciates that you want your vessel up and running and in top shape. We offer same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Returns are easy and you’ll always receive the best customer service and advice. Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Loyalty Rewards Program for additional savings the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine. Call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, at (877) 388-2628.