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Seat Vinyl

      • Wise Cuddy Vinyl
        List Price: $25.84
        Starting At: $20.41

        Wise Cuddy Vinyl Wise cuddy vinyl is used for Wise premier pontoon furniture and Wise Blast-Off Series Seats. This heavy-duty 28 oz. marine-grade vinyl is made to stand up to the harshest of environments. Wise cuddy vinyl is mildew resistant, scuff, and...

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      • Wise Standard Vinyl
        List Price: $22.53
        Starting At: $17.99

        Wise Standard Vinyl Wise Standard Vinyl is for use with Wise Deluxe Pontoon Furniture and Wise Lounge & Jump Seats. 54" Wide  Heavy-Duty 28 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl Mildew Resistant & UV Treated Sold by the Yard Scuff and Mar Resistant...

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      • Wise Camoflage Cordura Fabric
        List Price: $35.39
        Starting At: $29.49

        Wise Camoflage Vinyl 54" Wide  Heavy-Duty 600 Denier Cordura Covering Sold by the Yard Scuff and Mar Resistant Minimum Purchase: 3 Yards Vinyl Care

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      • Wise Specialty Vinyl
        List Price: $53.52
        Starting At: $44.49

        Wise Specialty Vinyl 54" Wide  Heavy-Duty 28 oz. Marine Grade Vinyl Mildew Resistant & UV Treated Sold by the Yard Scuff and Mar Resistant Minimum Purchase: 4 Yards Vinyl Care Instructions for Wise Specialty Vinyl Keep your vinyl in...

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      Boat Vinyl Upholstery & Marine Vinyl

      Wholesale Marine knows that one of the best ways to upgrade your craft is with new, color-coordinated, boat vinyl upholstery. Wise offers a selection classic, neutral, and trendy colors that will coordinate with your marine decor. We carry an extensive assortment of Wise marine-quality vinyl to upholster seating designed for bass boats, pontoon, fishing, -in short, every recreational vessel.

      How to Maintain Boat Vinyl Upholstery

      If you are planning to upgrade or replace your boat seat upholstery, know that Wise marine vinyls are a sound investment due to their construction quality and fade resistant colors. Be sure to also take precaution when storing for the winter, as coverings that do not provide adequate ventilation become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

      Another caveat is to avoid using harsh cleaners such as detergent, bleach, and abrasives which can damage vinyl. This means most common household cleaners as well as products you would use on your car. Instead, Wholesale Marine recommends that you use Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner and 303 Aerospace UV Protectant to extend the life and good looks of your boat vinyl upholstery.

      To protect your new investment and to keep it looking new as long as possible, Wholesale Marine offers these tips on boat vinyl upholstery maintenance:

      • For general cleaning, mildew or organic material, food and chewing gum:

        Scrape off excess material. Apply warm soapy water (use dish soap such as Dawn or Ivory), using a medium-soft brush, rinse and pat dry with a clean cloth.

      • Stains from coffee, tea, chocolate, latex paint, oil, condiments, makeup, and suntan lotion: 303 Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner for light stains and Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Vinyl & Rubber  Cleaner for darker or set-in stains. 

      Wholesale Marine is your one-stop marine supply shop! We appreciate your patronage and offer a Customer Loyalty program that offers additional discounts. Place an order to receive same day shipping at a flat rate. If you have questions, we’ll be glad to advise you. For questions or to place an order, please call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.