Bilge Blowers & Ventilation

      Bilge blowers are not only important components of any craft, but also are required by the United States Coast Guard. Ensure that yours are working properly at all times to prevent your boat from being scuttled, as well as for the safety of your passengers. Wholesale Marine has a large selection of bilge blowers in stock suitable for every type of watercraft.

      The blowers remove volatile fuel vapors from the fuel tank area as well as the engine compartment. As a safety feature their electrical units are ignition protected to prevent sparking and are built to withstand overheating and corrosion. However most bilge blowers are not designed to be run continuously.

      Be Sure to Install Your Bilge Blower Correctly

      It is important to make sure that your bilge blower is installed correctly and operating properly. Wholesale Marine carries a selection of 3” and 4” blowers from Rule, Shurflow, and Attwood. Their basic setup is to have the cowl or side vents on opposite sides of the boat, one facing forward the other aft. The blower hose should be attached to these vents and lowered into the bilge. The hose for the vent facing forward will not have a pump attached. Bilge blowers use the boat’s forward motion to scoop and push air into the bilge. Therefore the blower will be attached to the side with the vent facing backwards to discharge fuel fumes and gases away from the craft.

      Many installations will have a hose on each end of the blower to allow more blower placement options. When replacing a bilge blower or the vents make sure the airflow is in the proper direction otherwise the bilge will not vent properly. Safety comes first when dealing with gas vapors. If in doubt consult a marine technician, and remember to always run your blower for 5 minutes before starting your engine.

      Wholesale Marine stocks everything boaters require for their craft including bilge blowers and components. We offer competitive pricing, same day flat rate shipping, and invite you to join our Captain’s Club Rewards program for even greater savings! If you have any questions or to place an order, please call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.