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Oil Change Pumps

Boat Oil Change Pumps

Boat engine manufacturers advise that the oil on your vessel should be pumped out and changed every 100 hours or at least once a season. This will prolong the life of any gas-powered engine. (BTW: Harder working diesel engines need an oil change twice as often.) Changing your boat’s engine oil poses greater difficulties than when performing the same procedure on a vehicle, however. Wholesale Marine understands that boat maintenance procedures on land and sea differ due to simple logistics. We stock everything boater’s need to make these routine maintenance chores less of a chore, and provide these step by step instructions so you’ll perform the task right the first time.

How to Change Your Boat’s Engine Oil

1)    Drain the Oil: Before you begin, your engine oil should be hot. Warm oil is not only easier to remove, but also its temperature ensures that more dirt and sludge will be removed as well. Be sure to have on hand plenty of clean rags, such as old towels as even a trace of oil slick from your bilge pump discharge is too much.

2)    Remove the Drain Plug: Use a socket wrench and as soon as the plug is loose enough, finish loosening it by hand.

3)    Pump Out the Old Oil: You’ll make short work of this task with a boat oil change pump. Porta-Quick’s Portable Oil Changer. The kit includes hookup to your craft’s 12 volt power supply to drive the pump impeller. The 14-quart bucket is sufficient to drain two engines. If manual is your preferred method, Track’s Hand-Held, Fluid/Oil Pump will get the job done economically, and is recommended for engines with drain plugs in hard-to-access places.

4)    Change the Oil Filter: keep sludge buildup at bay by changing the oil filter at this time. This is tricky as it is very easy to spill oil from the filter. Before you unscrew the old filter, cover it with a freezer bag and proceed with caution. Be sure to coat the whorls of the new filter with oil before you screw it in place. This will make its eventual removal that much easier. Hand tighten until the gasket makes full contact then tighten another ½-¾ turn.

5)    Add Fresh Oil: Using the recommended oil grade and viscosity, use a screw-top container to pour the oil into the filler to capacity.

6)    Dispose of the used oil responsibly.

Wholesale Marine carries everything boat owners require to keep their craft ship shape. We have an extensive selection of options for changing engine oil including portable oil changers, boat oil change kits, boat oil change pumps, impellers and more. We offer competitive pricing, same day flat rate shipping and additional discounts through our Captain’s Loyalty Program. If you have a question or to place an order, please call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.