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Fuel Additives

Fuel is the food we feed our boat engines and if it’s contaminated it could ruin the weekend or even our engines. Say the words fuel additive and most people think Sta-bil a house hold name for fuel stabilizers used in winterizing your boat. With today’s fuels and as fast as they break down adding products like Johnsons 2+4 conditioner or Mercury’s Quickleen stabilize the fuel, inhibit corrosion, and absorbs moisture. Running one these products in every tank can really save you in the long run. Most boats run through a tank of fuel on average every 90 days compared to a car every few days. This also why Ethanol fuels are much worse for marine engines. The ethanol attacks the rubber components of the engine, fuel hoses and fiberglass tanks. Ethanol also absorbs water and when it has time to sit will cause phase separation in the fuel. Starbrite with their very popular Star-Tron, and Sta-bil have both additives to prevent the damage caused by ethanol. Diesel engines need stabilizer and conditioner too, and we have you covered at Wholesale Marine.