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Installation Guide and Benefits For a StingRay Hydrofoil

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Installation is Quick and Easy

Both the StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer and StingRay Junior are easy to install. All the hardware you need is included: four bolts, four self-locking nuts, four stainless steel washers, and four rubber washers. Simply drill four (4) quarter-inch holes in the cavitation plate on the lower drive unit and bolt the StingRay on. Pre-drilled holes in the StingRay serve as a guide for drilling the four holes. Placing the StingRay on top of the cavitation plate, insert the bolts from the bottom up. Place the rubber washers on the bottom side and the stainless steel washers between the top of the unit and the self-locking nuts. Use a socket wrench to tighten the nuts. In a matter of minutes you are ready to enjoy unmatched performance.

The StingRay Hydrofoil is The Only Product That Delivers True Stabilization

StingRay hydrofoil stabilizer now made with SPEED-XP, an extreme performance hydrophilic material, making the worlds fastest hydrofoil stabilizer even faster!

SPEED-XP is a clear hydrophilic (water-absorbing) material that is thermally, bounded to the base polymer material of the hydrofoil. The surface of this material is hard when dry and looks like a new wax job-however the magic of its performance is released when the surface becomes wet. SPEED-XP acts like a microscopic sponge when wet and will bind a very thin layer of water to the surface of the hydrofoil. The result is running water on water a dramatic reduction in hydrodynamic drag and improved performance.

Endorsed by 5-time world champion super-boat race teams. The fastest hydrofoil stabilizer in the world 0-90 MPH in just 16 seconds! Broke the 100 mph barrier! (to be exact, top speed in a 20ft bass boat, with a Mercury 2.5 liter, radar-clocked at 107 MPH at the premier lake X, Florida testing facility!). It still fits and works on all new boats. Eliminates cavitation & prop blow-out. Eliminates bow rise, porpoising and bouncing. Significantly improves planning time, top speed, handling and safety.

Unlike simple curved or flat planning aids, the StingRay actually creates lift. By raising more of the hull out of the water, reduces wetted area, thereby reducing drag. Greatly improves safety by allowing better visibility to the driver and passengers. Gives tremendous banking and cornering ability, no uncontrolled sliding or pitch-out.

Your Boat is Up On Plane in Less Than Half The Time it Normally Takes

When it comes to getting a boat out of the hole, nothing else comes close. Water skiers are amazed at the difference. They are up and skiing faster and easier than ever before. Whats more, the smoother wake makes skiing more enjoyable for beginners and experts alike.

Professional powerboat racers use the StingRay to help win races. They know a better hole shot helps them gain an extra edge right from the start. Its the choice of champions.

Fishermen, both professional and weekenders, appreciate the StingRay for its quicker planing. Rather than being bogged down, they are headed for the choice fishing spots. For pros, it can be the difference between a winner or an also ran. For the pleasure fisherman, its the best thing to happen to a boat since the outboard.

Increased safety also comes to users of the StingRay. With the bow down, visibility is increased and control is improved. Some insurance companies even offer a discount to StingRay equipped boats.

StingRay Stops a Boat From Porpoising

Porpoising is the name given to the forward and back motion some boats make while riding on the water. Picture a porpoise leaping through the water and you get the idea. It may be fine for them, but its murder on a boats performance, comfort and safety. This pounding causes many people to ride only in the very back of the boat. After all, who wants to get bounced around all day? StingRay corrects this action, providing you with more comfort, safety and performance.

A StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer Improves the Performance of Every Boat .

Fishing Boats-From small fishing boats to high powered bassin machines, StingRay lets fishermen get to the fish faster and easier than ever before.

High Performance Boats- If you think your boat has performance now, wait until you slip on a StingRay. By lifting the stern and bringing the bow down you will discover more performance than you thought possible.

Runabouts-Most pleasure boats fall into this category. Get extra power, safety and fuel economy from the StingRay Performance System.

Aluminum boats-Whether its a large or small aluminum boat, StingRay overcomes the performance problems associated with these lightweight boats.

Cruisers-StingRay improves all around performance with these popular boats. The number one problem, bow rise, is eliminated along with chinewalking, porpoising and power loss. Works on single or multi-engines.

Inflatable Boats -These difficult-to-handle boats are a breeze to maneuver with a StingRay Junior..

Pontoon Boats- The two most common problems with these boats, cavitation and ventilation, are eliminated.

Water Skiing- A StingRay equipped boat pulls skiers up right away and keeps them up, even at lower speeds.

The information provided here has been reproduced courtesy of StingRay. Wholesale Marine reproduced this information 07/16/2009.