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      Mercruiser Fuel Pump

      A Mercruiser Fuel Pump is a key component in a highly reliable outboard. These do not fail often, so, when diagnosing a fuel problem, be sure to inspect other system components before leveling blame on the fuel pump. Wholesale Marine recommends taking these steps in a process of elimination to determine if a fuel pump is malfunctioning.

      Troubleshooting a Mercruiser Fuel Pump

      1)    This might seem like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked. Is there enough fuel in the tank?

      2)    Check the sump pump screen and tank vent for clogs.

      3)    Next, check spark plug compression. Follow owner’s manual instructions for this procedure. If the PSI is below recommended levels, replace the plug(s).

      4)    The pulse hose connects to the fuel pump and the intake manifold. Loosen the clamp that secures it while pulling the starter rope several times. If there is no fuel discharge, it could mean a bad fuel pump check valve or diaphragm.

      5)    Hook up a pressure gauge to the pulse hose where it exits the fuel pump. Crank the engine and take a gauge reading. Normal fuel pumps will exert 5 to 7 psi of pressure. Readings below this indicate a defective fuel pump check valve or diaphragm.

      6)    If the process of elimination points to a faulty Mercruiser Fuel Pump, replace the unit or buy a rebuild kit.

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