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  • BoatLife "Git"-Rot Epoxy Kit

BoatLife Git Rot Epoxy Kit

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    Product Description

    BoatLife Git Rot Penetrating Epoxy Kit

    BoatLife Git Rot system is great for tackling dry rot because it works without having to remove dry rotted fibers. Unique two-part liquid epoxy saturates and restores original strength to wood by penetrating the rot. Wood must be dry for application. Apply by injecting "Git" Rot Epoxy into the wood. The epoxy will soak into wood by capillary action.

    • Cures overnight
    • Sandable and paintable, can be drilled and screwed
    • Compatible with fiberglass resins, epoxies and most sealants
    • Great for transoms, stringers and cabin roof rot in both fiberglass and wood boats



    How to Use BoatLife Git Rot Epoxy

    For complete saturation and ultimate strength (in average type rot), it will require a volume of Git Rot approximately equal to half the volume of the rotted wood.

    • Time and Temperature
      • Optimum temperature for applying Git Rot is between 50°F and 70°F.
      • Only mix small batches (not more than 4 oz.) since the larger the quantity the greater the reaction and the faster the cure.
      • After adding 1 part "B" to 3 parts "A", shake vigorously for at least 1 full minute. Once the two parts have been thoroughly mixed, a thermal reaction will begin to occur.
      • Penetration is best immediately after mixing.
    • Provide Reservoirs
      • Where rot is deep into a large member, it is advisable to drill a staggered series of overlapping holes approximately 1/4" in diameter, 2" apart, slanting downwards. This will expose the necessary end grain and provide reservoirs for the penetration.
      • In areas where sections of rot contain extensive holes where wood fibers are actually missing, it is recommended to mix sawdust with Git Rot and use it as a fill material.
      • In areas such as transoms, stringers, and balsa core decking, drilling thru the fiberglass surface may be necessary. For transom repairs, you may drill vertically down through the transom, and then pour in Git Rot.
      • For decking, drill thru the surface to treat the wood underneath. Holes left by drilling may be filled with a mixture of dry saw dust and Git Rot or a marine repair epoxy compound.
    • Application
      • The most expedient way to apply Git Rot epoxy is into the end grain of the wood wherever possible.
      • To avoid trapping air in the middle of the rot, always start at one end or on one surface and work progressively along.
      • Continue until complete saturation is achieved. *This is determined when the reservoir holes fill and remain filled, and the surface remains shiny
      • Properly applied, Git Rot solidifies into a tough resilient mass overnight. Allow one week for ultimate strength.

    Git Rot will eventually cure into damp wood, however wet wood cannot be fully saturated. Be sure to dry the area as much as possible before application.

    California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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