Johnson Outboard Starters

      Johnson Outboard Starters

      If your Johnson Outboard is difficult to start, it is likely that the starter mechanism or solenoid is worn and requires replacement. To troubleshoot and determine the extent of the problem with your Johnson Outboard starter, here are some spot checks you can perform yourself:


      Problem: Starter engages, but solenoid clicks

      Troubleshoot by measuring the voltage at the starter terminal to battery ground using a voltage meter with the starter engaged.

      • If 12 V, repair or replace starter and solenoid

      Problem: Solenoid doesn’t click when starter key is turned.

      Troubleshoot by measuring voltage at small solenoid terminal. If there are no volts registered, troubleshoot further by testing the kill switch to ensure it is connected, the battery, starter switch, and the controller neutral start switch. If up to 2 volts register, replace the solenoid.

      Problem: Starter engages, but low voltage registers.

      First remove and clean all connections on the battery-to-solenoid cable, battery-to-engine block cable and solenoid-to-starter cable. Inspect for corrosion and broken insulation. Replace as needed.

      Next, troubleshoot by measuring the voltage at the battery terminals. If it is below 12.6 volts with all electrics turned off, recharge or replace the battery.

      Also measure the battery voltage with the starter engaged. If it registers below 9 volts, recharge or replace the battery.

      Replacement Parts for Johnson Outboard Starters

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