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      Mercruiser Gaskets & Seals

      When your Mercruiser outboard needs an overhaul, it can be costly and time consuming. Sometimes the culprit is a blown gasket or seal. These are among the least expensive engine components, yet when compromised, can cause significant damage. Wholesale Marine has compiled a troubleshooting list so that a little routine maintenance can prevent expensive repairs and more carefree voyages and fishing trips!

      The best times to examine your outboard are prior to winter storage and when prepping your boat for the new season. If you do not elect to perform this meticulous work yourself, at least you can know what the process involves and be better aware of the function of various outboard components.

      Check for Leaking Mercruiser Gaskets

      A loss of air compression is usually a sign that the outboard has a cracked or leaking gasket. This must be attended to immediately and not with a band aid fix to avoid a piston seizure or worse. Here’s why: the normal vacuum in the engine’s lower end draws a fuel/air mixture from the carburetor. It’s sealed off and moved through the transfer ports to the cylinder. A leaky or lean air mixture usually results in a seized piston. To troubleshoot, perform a pressure test.

      1)  Using a plug or rubber gasket, seal off the intake manifold.

      2)  Plug the exhaust port as well.

      3)  Attach an air fitting through the inlet plug or spark plug hole to pressurize the motor.

      4)  Pressurize the motor to 6-9 psi using a hose with an in-line gauge. Do not exceed 9 psi.

      5)  Watch the gauge for 10 minute to confirm that there is no loss of pressure. Pressure loss of any kind is unacceptable.

      6)  If pressure loss is indicated, spray the gasket with WD-40 which creates bubbles. It will also create a leaking sound.

      7)  Replace the leaking gasket. Wholesale Marine has Mercruiser gaskets and gasket kits for every Mercruiser outboard. Use our convenient parts finder to locate the right gaskets for your outboard.

      8)  Other sources of air leaks may be bolt holes and any casting anomalies. Check these as well and replace fitting as necessary.

      If you have boating questions call us for answers! Wholesale Marine’s knowledgeable staff of watercraft enthusiasts will be glad to help. We offer a lowest price guarantee as well as flat rate shipping for $6.99. Join our Loyalty Program and you’ll be able to use the points you accumulate today towards any future purchases. Just give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.