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Suzuki Outboard Anodes

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Suzuki Outboard Anodes

There’s nothing quite like having galvanized corrosion eat up your Suzuki outboard motor, propeller, or shaft. The challenge of galvanized corrosion can be easily solved with Suzuki outboard anodes. Wholesale Marine has your craft protected from the silent enemy of galvanized corrosion with Suzuki outboard anodes to fit your Suzuki motor.

Why You Need Suzuki Outboard Anodes

For those of you who were science buffs back in highschool, you may remember the lesson on galvanized corrosion. Basically, two connected metals with different electrical potentials are together in an electrolyte pool, such as an aluminum propeller on a stainless steel shaft. One acts as the anode and the other a cathode, thus creating a battery. The metal with more negative voltage has more electrons compared to the other metal and it is this one that serves as the anode. The anode sends its excess electrons over to the cathode, overtime taking pieces of that metal away. This is not what we want for our precious boat, and this is where Suzuki outboard anodes come in. These sacrificial anodes give themselves up by being the more negatively charged metals, volunteering those electrons and making the metals that you want to keep safe the cathodes. Whether this science is up your alley or you are now yawning in your seat, the bottom line is that Suzuki outboard anodes are crucial to keeping the parts on your motor safe and we have exactly what you need here at Wholesale Marine.

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