Marine Thermostats

Thermostats regulate the temperature of the water used to cool the engine. A thermostat also supports maintaining adequate pressure in the cooling system to allow for heat transfer from the heads and the cylinder walls. As this component is not considered part of a boat owner’s routine maintenance, most take it for granted. However, today’s emission regulations make the thermostat even more important for correct engine operation.

Did you know? Removing a faulty thermostat and replacing it with one with a different rating is considered a violation in many jurisdictions. Importance is placed on marine thermostats to gauge proper engine temperatures and fuel mixtures. This is because  low-emission, computer-controlled, marine engines are dependent on proper temperature regulation for thorough combustion for reduced exhaust emissions.

A Huge Selection of Marine Thermostats

Outboard motor marine thermostats can malfunction. They are subjected to constant temperature changes, corrosion, and water pressure. Depending on whether they are piloted on inland waterways or along the coast- mud, vegetation, sand, and salt can also damage these gauges.When your outboard’s thermostat fails, come to Wholesale Marine. Wholesale Marine has a vast inventory of marine thermostats from Sierra for every make and model, as well as gaskets, and other items required for their replacement. From a Sierra 23-3600 Thermostat for Westerbeke, to a Sierra 23-3607 Thermostat for Kohler, we have you covered.

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