Vertical Windlasses

      Vertical Windlasses

      Windlasses are used to hoist anchor using ropes or metal chain. These hoists are available in vertical and horizontal configurations, with vertical the more popular. That’s because they are less noticeable on deck as their motor and rope/chains are stowed below in the hold. This way the motor is safer from water damage and corrosion, but a larger hole (than with horizontal models) must be cut in the deck to accommodate it. Wholesale Marine stocks a great selection of vertical windlasses from Anchorlift, Lewmar Marine, and Maxwell. If you are not certain which is the right choice for you, our knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you out.

      For larger boats up to 52 feet in length we recommend Maxwell’s RC10 Windlass With Capstan Drive. It accommodates rope up to ⅝ -inch thick and chain up to ⅜-inch thick. The casing is watertight for years of reliable use and its patented Wave Design™chainwheel accepts a wide range of different pitches. For boats up to 60 feet long, Anchorlift’s Mako Windlass in Stainless Steel 8MM is compatible with chain or chain/rope combinations, and features a highspeed drop of 120 feet per minute.

      Does Your Boat Need a Windlass?

      For boats up to 45 feet in length, try Lewmar’s V2 Vertical Windlass. It features a manual chain free-fall release and a maximum pull strength of 1,433-lbs. Lewmar also produces an economical windlass, the V700 w/Solenoid and Rocker Switch. It features push-button operation as well as motor protection and an anchor lock. This windlass also is also warranteed for 5-years.

      For a great selection of replacement vertical windlasses as well as anything your craft requires,contact Wholesale Marine. We offer a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, trouble-free returns, great customer service and solid advice. Be sure to ask about ourLoyalty Rewards program for additional discounts the very next time you shop at Wholesale Marine. We’re here to assist Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.